Governor Pecuniary Interests

It is a statutory requirement for all Governors to record any pecuniary interests held either personally or through a company or relative or partner. An 'interest' in this case, is a situation where a member of the governing body may be affected personally or financially, directly or indirectly, or in some other way by a decision made at a meeting where the governor is present.

The School Governance (Procedures) (England) Regulations state that members of the governing body with any such interest must declare it as soon as possible at any meeting of the full governing body or committee meeting, must not take part in the discussion, must not vote and should withdraw from the meeting. Their withdrawal and return should be minuted.

  Relevant Business Interest
Other educational establishments
Relationships with school staff Date declared
Emma Tidby 
Employed by
the CAM Trust
None None 26.9.18
Antonio Mariconda
Founder of a
collaboratory of schools named NUBELY
None None 26.9.18
Janet Williams None None None 26.9.18
Neil O'Regan None None None 26.9.18
None None None 26.9.18
None None None 26.9.18
Sarah Helme None   None  None 2.10.18 
Caroline Maskell  None  None None  5.10.18 
 Paul Hopkins GlaxosmithKline Manager   None  None 5.10.18 
 Sasha Howard  None  None  None  26.9.18