Look what we've been learning!

!Feliz Pascua!
What a talented and creative bunch Year 6 are!
Introducing our Terrible Teachers:
Whilst not writing about terrible teachers, Year 6 have been acting as amazing teachers themselves! They've all created powerpoints teaching me about a variety of topics including football, musical theatre, dogs, drawing, Elton John and wrestling. I've learned a lot today!
Check out the amazing board games Year 6 have been creating today!
We've had a fantastic time during World Book Week - from creating magical 3D lands to puppet workshops to painting hot air balloons. All based on our school book for the week: Journey by Aaron Becker.
Hawk class have been making some fantastic dioramas of the Amazon Rainforest
Work From Earlier This Year:
Look at some of the brilliant Christmas decorations Hawk class have been sewing this week!
Thank you Dr Love for coming in and showing the class how to dissect a heart!