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Hello and welcome to Kite Class! 
We are the Year 4 class full of SUPERSTARS!! We like to have fun, always working with smiles on our faces!! 
This Term:
During our Spring topic, we will be learning all about the History of Meldreth, exploring how it has changed through the years, comparing it to what we see today. Have a look on our Parent Page for further information on how to support your child at home. A topic map is also available on the parent page and below to see what we are getting up to this term. 
Coming Up... 
Bikeability: Friday 7th February 2020 
End of half Term: Friday 14th February 2020 
Kite Class Cake Sale: Friday 14th February 2020 
Let's celebrate! 
Headteacher's Award: Harley  
Olympic Value Award: Chloe P   
Super Writer's Award: Chloe V
Signpost Homework 
Here is a list of activities the children in Kite Class can do at home. 
Reading in Kite Class! 
Buddy Reading 
Every Thursday, Kite Class read a selection of books to their buddies in Puffin Class. 
Library Time 
Every Friday, Kite Class have library time where they are able to check out books and read quietly. 
Our class librarians are: McKenzie, Zoe and Felix 
Home Learning! 
In Kite Class we have been learning...
Spring Term 
Bikeabiltiy (07/02/2020) 
History (30/01/2020) 
During our History lesson, we looked at the clothing people in the Victorian era would have worn. We then created our own Victorian outfits out of toilet paper, taking part in a fashion show at the end of the lesson. Whilst doing the fashion show, children were asked whether they thought the outfits were for male, female, rich or poor Victorians. After using the toilet paper, we collected it up to recycle it during an art lesson. 
Autumn Term 
Christmas Art 
The children created their own images behind a window frame on what they would see outside of Santa's window. 
Maths (08/10/2019) 
In Maths, we explored how to add amounts of money. We opened our own Aldi where children had to add up the amount of money it would cost to buy two items using column addition. The children then had to check their calculations were correct with the shop assistants at the tills. 
English (26/09/2019) 
In English, we explored how we can add detail to our writing to make it more exciting. We looked at how to show our emotions through a characters actions. 
Maths (25/09/2019) 
In maths, we have been learning all about Roman Numerals. In class, we made Roman Numerals out of lego and designed our own posters of a chosen numeral. In the next lesson, we counted up to 100 in Roman Numerals and even recited our 6 times tables in Roman Numerals. 
Science (24/09/2019) 
In Science, we have been learning about the purpose of our teeth and the importance of protecting them. In class, we took part in an experiment to see which was the worst drink for our teeth. We were shocked to find out that Orange Juice caused the most damage to our boiled eggs. 
Life Bus (13/09/2019) 
Whilst on the Life Bus, Kite Class learnt lots about how the body works and how we can keep our bodies safe and healthy. We also explored how we are all different and the importance of appreciating them differences. 
Billy Goats Gruff - First week back in September 
To start off the year, the children were asked to solve a problem. The Billy Goats Gruff's bridge had collapsed so they couldn't cross over to the fresh, green grass. The children had to design their own ice lolly stick bridge, catapult, paper boat and paper chain to get them across to the other side of the river.