Meet Our Team

We describe our team as a family, our individual strengths all complimenting each other to make a wonderful learning and nurturing experience for all our children

Mrs Kate Samways

Early Years Leader and Puffin Class Teacher

Kate is our school Early Years Leader and Wellbeing Co-Ordinator. Kate is Paediatric First Aid trained, and is very passionate about her role as a Special Educational Needs Coordinator and is constantly researching strategies & putting together action plans to ensure each and every child is given the best opportunity to learn. As an Early Years teacher, she has a special interest in supporting children's language development.

Mrs Lianne Beer

Level 6 Preschool Manager

Lianne is our Pre-School Manager and an Early Year teacher. She is the Designated Safeguarding Officer and Health & Safety Officer for Pre-school as well as being Paediatric First Aid trained. Lianne is passionate about the Pre-School always striving to enhance our provision by constantly researching new ideas and initiatives. Music and singing are a big part of her life and she likes to share this and encourage the children to explore music and song during their day.

Miss Jolene Cole

Level 3 Preschool Assistant (Named Deputy - Tuesday to Friday)

Jolene is an experienced level 3 practitioner, having worked in childcare for the last 15 years. She has become an integral part of the preschool's workings and has a brilliant rapport with the children. Jolene loves being creative with the children and could write a book on how many different things you can make with a paper plate!
Jolene has a CACHE Level 3 Diploma in Children's Learning and Development, is a Designated Child Protection Officer and has a Paediatric First Aid Qualification. She has a particular fascination in early language development and early scientific exploration, having completed extensive training in these areas and in Forest Schooling.

Miss Katie Pearce

Level 3 Preschool Assistant (Named Deputy - Monday)

Katie is an experienced level 3 practitioner and is Paediatric First Aid trained. Katie exudes happiness and jollity and the children absolutely adore her. Katie has a CACHE Level 3 Diploma in Children's Learning and Development and has a Paediatric First Aid Qualification.
Katie loves her job, as watching children grow, learning new skills and preparing them for school is so rewarding and never boring! She also attended Meldreth Preschool and Primary School herself as a child.

Ms Marie Salle

Preschool Assistant

Marie joined the Pre-School team in 2018 as a Pre-School Assistant and is Paediatric First Aid trained. Alongside giving enhanced support to children that require it, Marie is very hands-on in all our sessions. She has a natural rapport with the children and a flock of children will always be seen wherever she is in the setting.