School meals

At Meldreth Primary School children may book a school dinner, bring a packed lunch or go home at lunchtime.

The Government have recognised that good food at school is particularly valuable for the youngest of our children and have therefore introduced a free meal for infants as a new legal duty for schools to deliver. All children attending school in their first three years of schooling will be entitled to free school meals. By receiving our infant school meals you can save up to £400 a year and ensure your child is eating a healthy, balanced meal every day.

There are very high nutritional standards for school meals and they consistently offer children a third of their nutritional requirements every day which is essential to their growth and development. Having a meal at school has been proven to help children settle to learning quicker, improve their concentration and help with their energy levels to get them through an active school day.

We believe that Lunchtime should be the highlight of the day for everyone at Meldreth Primary School.

We want to help children gain a real appreciation for good quality food, where it comes from, how it’s produced and why healthy food is important.

School meals are provided by Cambridge-based specialist schools caterer; The Lunchtime Company They provide delicious, nutritious and healthy meals every day.

Together we offer children a wonderful choice of hot food, fresh vegetables, freshly baked bread, fresh fruit, yogurt, jacket potatoes… there really is something for everyone.

All meals are cooked from fresh ingredients every day, sourced locally (where possible within a 60 mile radius of the school), and prepared on-site.

Over the course of the academic year we provide an array of theme days, activities, cookery classes and charity events – these are advertised around the school and on the website.

Information about the school meal menus can be found below

School meals are £2.30 per day. Payment for meals for children in Years 3 to 6 should be made to the Finance Office, on the first day of the week or the first day of term/half-term.  Please place payment in a sealed envelope marked ‘School Dinners’ and write the name of your child and their class clearly on the outside. Please use to pay for your child(ren)'s school meals. Cash or cheque can also be used (payable to Meldreth Primary School.)

Except in cases of emergency, children must choose either school dinners or a packed lunch for one whole week at a time. We require one week’s notice in writing, for any change in your usual arrangements; this will help greatly with administration and accounting.

Children having a packed lunch should be able to deal with any packaging independently. Containers should be clearly named.  Please do not send fizzy drinks, cans or glass bottles, a straw or plastic cup is better.  Ensure that the contents in your child’s packed lunch are as healthy as possible – we are a healthy school.

Healthy Eating

We are an accredited National Healthy School and are committed to promoting and monitoring healthy food at break and lunch times. You may like your child to have a mid-morning snack. We welcome fruit and vegetables, and would ask you not to send your child with chocolate, crisps or sweets of any kind.

Children in Puffin, Swift and Wren classes are provided with fruit every day as part of the National Fruit Scheme.


Research shows that our brains need water to stay active and alert. All children are encouraged to bring water into school daily, in a spillproof plastic bottle that they can take home at night to rinse and refill.