This week's round up - 13th November

The children have had a wonderful week and have adapted to the changes really well. The room has had a little change around to use the space a bit differently and we have a new large outdoor chalkboard in the garden which is very popular! The children have had lots of fun creating beautiful drawings and paintings, building towers and enclosures for the animals, lots of fun playing outside in the beautiful sunshine and plenty of messy play too!

We are very happy to invite our two year olds back from next week and look forward to seeing all the children back together at Preschool. Next week, the children will be learning all about being fit and healthy. This will include looking at the different ways we can stay healthy including brushing our teeth, how our muscles grow, why we need to have a rest sometimes and ways to be active and eat well.  We will add lots of lovely photos to tapestry for you to see what they all get up to in the week.

 Jolene, Marie and Anne are doing a fantastic job at running our lovely preschool and providing the children with lots of fun and interesting play and activities during their week.

We will keep you all up to date with any further changes during the coming weeks.  Stay safe and well.