This week's round up - 16th October

What a wet week it has been! But that most certainly hasn’t stopped us having lots of fun at Preschool, even outside in the rain! We have been very busy creating roads and ramps for the vehicles, making cappuccinos and cakes in the outdoor kitchen and being busy builders using lots of different construction resources. Our key group times are very popular and have included lots of games and activities to help us focus and listen to others.

This coming week is the last in our first half term back at Preschool and we will be having a fun filled week of Autumn activities and experiences. We have planned quite a few messy activities next week so be prepared for some additional washing! These include pumpkin slime, hidden spiders in jelly, foaming pumpkin experiment, hand print bats and many more! We will be having a dress up day on Friday 23rd and welcome the children on that day to come in whatever costume they like. The children not in on Friday won’t be missing out as we have lots of other fun activities planned during the week.

Friday 23rd will be the last day of Preschool before we all enjoy a week’s rest for half term. I have added some links for some fun ideas for Halloween and Autumn craft and baking so you can get creative at home.

A few quick reminders and notes.

Please refrain from popping your head over the fence when waiting to be let in. This can be very distracting for the children trying to engage in play and activities. When you arrive for collection and have rung the bell, we will come to see who is here and then go and get your child ready with all their things. We know this is taking a little more time than usual but it is the best way to ensure that the other children are not unsettled.   

We are continuing to record accidents and existing injuries at Preschool and will inform you via email to avoid passing documents from preschool to home. If your child does have an existing injury from home please email with the details so that we can record the correct information.

The children have all received an Autumn bag this week (if you haven’t collected it yet they are on the trolley) and we hope you enjoy doing you own Autumn scavenger hunt. It would be great to see some photos on Tapestry of what you found and we can show these to all the children at Preschool.


Important update:

As from next week, we ask that all parents/adults collecting and dropping off children at Preschool wear a face covering. With the virus still a part of our lives and the infection rate increasing we feel this is the safest way to limit any spread and keep us all safe. Thank you.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and we will see you next week.