This week's round up - 2nd October

As the weeks fly by, we find the children becoming more settled in our new routines and more confident during their time with us. The children are still in a phase of adjustment, as are we, and I think this will be the case for a little while.  We have adapted our environment this week to create more zones for play and rest. We have created a quiet, calming space where children can sit a read, explore sensory objects and enjoy some twinkling lights. Look out for pictures on the facebook page as we finalise this area.

We have also adapted our routine slightly to accommodate for a fitness fun time in each session. This happens in the morning before we start our free play and focused activities and again after lunch. These are based on sensory circuits and include three stages of physical activity:

  1. Alerting: to get us up and moving
  2. Organising: to help us focus and think
  3. Calming: to help us feel settled before we begin our day

So far this week, the children have really enjoyed these fitness fun times and especially like the balancing activities and the jumping beans! The aim of these sessions is to help the children be active, release any excess energy and be ready for their play and learning. We will put some photos and videos of Tapestry for you to see and I have added a link for you to read about more about it.

We are making a slight change to drop off times and would like to invite those with siblings to drop off from 8:45am (instead of the previous 840am). This allows us more time for setting up now that we are providing more specific activities and learning opportunities for the children with the full reinstatement of the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and to allow us to set up ready for our fitness fun time in the morning. All other children are still welcome from 9:10am, although we are reviewing this and will let you know of any further changes.

Now that the weather has taken an most definite Autumnal turn, we ask that the children keep their wellies at preschool rather than taking them home, as they will need them on most days. We are continuing to use the outdoor space even in the rain as we use the shelter so please also ensure the children have suitable clothing for wet and chilly weather. With the colder weather approaching and the need to ensure a well ventilated room, the children will be needing jumpers/cardigans/fleeces as we will have the windows and door open as much as possible.

We are happy to welcome Marie to join us now on a Tuesday morning from this week and this means we are now able to go for short walks on Tuesday mornings. We have created a plan for taking the children going to school next year, with 9 going out each Tuesday with Katie and Jolene for a little adventure. We will rotate the group each week and hope to be able to extend this to other sessions/days in the future to allow more children time out on walks. We will also be looking into using the secret garden area in the school grounds on different days and will let you know when this will happen.

As we only have 3 more weeks before half term, we are starting to think about a half termly review for the children and this will be provided on Tapestry with the children’s next steps. We may also be able to offer a phone discussion to support this review.  We welcome your comments and thoughts and these can be added to the review on Tapestry also.

For next week, we continue to focus on well-being and extending our learning on emotions. We have had a great week reading and exploring the story “The Colour Monster” and I have added a video of the story  below. We have also been busy creating lots of lovely displays of the children’s work and learning and will add photos of these to Tapestry in due course.