This week's round up - 9th October

It has been another full and busy week at Preschool with more focus on our Rainbow rules and our feelings. We have also enjoyed lots of activities involving the children’s interests and the 7 areas of learning. Some of these included:

  •        Making road maps for our cars with objects and words included on the maps
  •        Creating a train track that visited the animals at the zoo
  •        Going on a train journey using the chairs 
  •        Making ladybirds and counting the spots
  •        Builders role play area in the garden
  •        Stop and go games on the trikes and scooters 

We will continue to plan activities involving the children’s interests and developing on what the children have enjoyed this week too. Our key group times for the coming week will be focusing on attention and listening and include a wide variety of different activities which you will be able to see on Tapestry. We will also be introducing some Autumnal activities during the coming weeks as the season changes and the differences are clear for us to see. There are some on our home learning page to support attention and listening below and some fun Autumnal activities too. The ican website (linked below) is a wonderful resource and has also a progress checker that you can complete if you have any concerns about any aspect of your child’s communication and language development. There is also a listening rhyme attached that we have started using before group activities to help the children focus on their listening skills before we start.

The children have been enjoying our new fitness fun times in the mornings and afternoons and are getting used to this new addition to our routine. They have been practicing their balancing skills, different ways of moving, the ever popular jumping beans and practising some calming moments such as, listening walks, slow and steady breathing, yoga and stretching. We are continuing to develop our morning routine to incorporate the fitness fun time and will be introducing a fitness fun time group planner where children will be able to see which group they are in for the morning (group 1 or 2) with their pictures on. The children who remain inside will then have some quiet time doing a focused activity with another adult. This will help the children to be ready and settled for their day of play and learning.

 We would like to ask that for bringing children in to Preschool you arrive at the two staggered times so that we are not coming out of play to answer the door too often. This can be terribly unsettling for some children and we are finding that the morning transition into preschool is an important part of our day to support the children to feel settled and become engaged in an activity or play. If you are arriving for the early arrival please arrive at 845am. This group of children will be going out for fitness fun time at 9am. For the later arrival, please be at Preschool for 910am and the children will be going out for fitness fun time at 920am.

 Similarly, we ask that you arrive on time for the collection of children at the end of the day. We are very thorough with our cleaning and this does take time to ensure that our environment remains safe and hygienic for all the children in our care. 

 We have a new system in place for the items your child brings in (lunch bags, coats, bottles) using our blue trolley. We have found this a much easier way to get all the belongings inside and out again at the end of the day. As you arrive, please place your child’s lunch bag, water bottle on the trolley and your child can come through straight into play.  On the way out we will have the trolley ready for you to collect your belongings. Please remember that we are avoiding bags being brought into the setting and we are currently providing nappies, wipes and clothing for all children.

 Our first woodland walk was a great success and the children thoroughly enjoyed their adventure in the woods, asking Mother Nature for permission to enter and thanking her on their way out. We shared the photographs on the big board with all the children and they were able to recall what they had done and talked about what they enjoyed. The children did a nature scavenger hunt this week as well as searching for sticks that were shorter or longer than their arms. Next week, we will be preparing some Autumn scavenger hunt bags to take home so that you can have fun doing this too. We would love to see what you find with a picture on Tapestry so that we can have a show and tell all about your woodland adventures.

 The weather has most definitely take a turn for the worse but we have still really enjoyed our time outdoors, even in the rain! Please do remember to bring a warm coat and where possible a set of preschool wellies that can stay with us, as we are getting rather wet and muddy!