Ethos and Aims


Meldreth Primary School is a caring school where our aim is that all the children are happy and well-motivated. They will be challenged to achieve high standards, through a rich and varied curriculum.

We are a school where all members of the school community have equal access to learning opportunities and enjoy learning and growing together. 

Our vision:

To deliver outstanding educational provision so that we develop responsible, independent individuals who have the knowledge and attitudes to contribute to and be successful in an ever changing world.

Our aims:

To develop creative, imaginative thinkers and risk takers who enjoy challenge and love solving problems.

To nurture respectful and resilient learners who grow to reach their individual potential.

To promote high levels of self-esteem and communication so that children feel able to make the most of their own and others’ strengths and talents.

To value and support the sense of collaboration and community within our school to help children to be useful local, national and international citizens.

The success of our mission will be achieved by

Providing a diverse range of opportunities in school to develop inter and intra school collaboration.

Inspiring all our pupils to do their best with coaching and support when they face challenges.

Giving all children the opportunity and encouragement to belong to different groups and experience leadership within our school,  local, national and, where possible, international communities.

Identifying pupil’s strengths and provide support and opportunities to celebrate success and take pride in  our own and others’ achievement.

Using a range of different learning environments and improve the surroundings in which we teach, learn and play.