History is our record of what happened in the past and why.  It involves children in studying men, women and children in different societies, cultures and countries.

Through history, young children can begin to learn and understand something about the past and its influence on life today.  A study of history contributes to children’s knowledge and understanding of other people’s countries and cultures.  We find out about the past on the basis of surviving evidence.  This evidence is often incomplete and the whole picture of what happened in the past is often open to interpretation. Our school is a very old building which has a wealth of history and interest surrounding it.

 History is a skills based curriculum area and many of the skills contribute to and enrich other areas of the curriculum.

The Aims of Our History Teaching

  • To cover the content determined by the National Curriculum programmes of study and the school’s scheme of work for history.
  • To develop the skills and concepts laid down in the Orders.
  • To make links with other curriculum areas where appropriate.
  • To arouse and sustain interest in history.
  • To contribute to the pupils’ knowledge and understanding of people in other societies, religions, cultures and countries as well as their own.
  • To contribute to the pupils’ understanding of the present in the light of the past.
  • To help pupils develop a sense of identity by learning about the development of the United Kingdom, Europe and the rest of the world.


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