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Autumn Term
Well done to all the children in Jay Class, you have completed your first half term as Year One. After the break, we will continue to work on addition and subtraction and we will begin our weather topic.
Head Teacher's Award:
This week's award went to Will, for retelling our class text beautifully.
Sports Award:
This week's award went to Willem, for great team work during our class games.
Star Writer:
Every fortnight we elect a new Jay Class star writer. On Friday (29.9) our star writer certificate went to Alex, for great application of his phonic knowledge.

Say cheese...

Show & Tell
We are working through the register for Show & Tell, your child will bring a note home on a Thursday when it is their turn. If you need a little more notice, please catch me at the end of the day and I will be able to let you know.
Curriculum Information
See the links below for our topic web and home learning ideas.

Friday 6th October 2017

Is it Autumn now?

Jay Class have been working very hard this week. We have crammed as much in to each day as possible.

We have explored Buddhism, begun our Marvellous Meldreth topic, enjoyed the Harvest assembly and been to the woods!

On Tuesday, Mrs Pavlitski took the children on an adventure. They explored Buddhism and read the story of Buddha. Have a look at the activities we enjoyed...

During our PE sessions this week the children showed off their skills bouncing, passing and catching on the playground.
Jay Class were lucky enough to have three very special visitors this week. Willow brought her butterflies in to school on Wednesday. We let them go on our field.


Friday 29th September 2017

Another Busy Week

This week we begun reading Handa's Surprise. Handa selects some ripe, juicy fruit to take to her friend Akeyo. The children discussed what they would put in Handa's basket. We had lots of Transformers and sponge-like sea creatures but decided upon bananas as our favourite fruit.

We have also been working on finding one more and one less than a given number. The children are working very hard on their understanding of place value.

With Mrs Pavlitski, the children have created art work for our harvest assembly. They were inspired by Monet's landscapes.

At 11am on Friday we danced down to the hall to give the new Robins a proper Meldreth welcome. On went the cheesy pop music, out came the dancing shoes and Kingfisher, Jay and Robin class boogied their way through musical statues and musical bumps.

Friday 22nd September 2017

Our Phonic Journey

This week the children in Jay Class have begun the phase 5 phonics curriculum. We have read an amazing assortment of picture books to help us remember different sounds and spellings.

Crayon by Simon Rickerty led us on a journey through colour mixing, friendship and the 'ay' digraph. Taking over the hall, the children used benches to act as the bridge from Keep Out! Bears About! They snuck over the bridge on their way to the bears house. Words with 'ou' littered their way and each child stopped to blend the sounds carefully.

The 'ie' and 'i_e' digraphs were great fun to explore when delivered by The Jolly Postman. The children searched the playground for the postman's lost envelopes.

 Nature Detectives

Thank you to everyone who has signed up for our woodland learning.

This week Jay Class explored their sense of hearing in the woods. We listened carefully and noted everything we could hear whilst sitting in a chosen spot in the woods. We played Where am I? and discussed whether we could hear better with our eyes closed. Our last challenge was to make a telephone using string and two plastic cups. The children were fantastic and worked together carefully. I look forward to our next trip!

The Life Bus

This week the children helped Harold the giraffe make sensible healthy choices. We discussed healthy eating and balanced diets.

Friday 15th September 2017

Did you see Mr. Happy?

On the morning of the 14th September a yellow figure was spotted outside Jay Class. Reports say the figure (suspected to be a Mr. Man character) tried our coats on!

 The children were very excited to have another visit from the Mr. Men. We decided to use the event as inspiration for our writing. The class discussed the key components of a sentence and wrote about Mr. Happy's visit.

 Every Friday, Jay Class welcome Chaffinch for our Buddy Reading session. It is fantastic to see the children so proudly sharing their favourite books and using their phonic skills.

Friday 8th September 2017

Back to School

The children in Jay Class have settled well in to their new classroom. We have begun our Mr Men topic and word has spread that Mr Bump has been spotted in school!

Letters have been sent out with our Nature Detectives timetable and you can sign up to accompany the children on our class notice board.