Look what we've been learning!

Spring term
23rd February
Kingfisher heard of strange lights and noises at the beginning of the week which led us outside school to look for clues.  We found goo and various nuts and bolts.  Had aliens visited? 
We've spent time finding out about Man on the Moon- a day in the life of Bob in our guided reading, as well as writing instructions about how to fly a rocket.
In science we thought about what make a ball bounce, as well as testing different styles of balls in groups.
Our creative talents have been used to create amazing aliens, come and take a look in our classroom.
Headteacher award: Freddy (super attitude to learning this week)
Sport Award: Harry (great penguin moves!)
26th January
Story writing featured a lot this week, planning our stories, telling them to each other and using the ipads to record this, and finally writing the story.  We think our pencils might need a rest after that!
Our gym work has moved on to using some low level apparatus as part of our tall, ball, wall learning.  Look at the photos of our wall shapes.
Headteacher award- Sienna for always showing a very positive approach to learning.
Sport award- Emily
19th January
As Dragonologists we are getting very skilled at identifying different dragons and key features of their lives.  In English this week we have created our own descriptions of dragons- what they look like, where they can be found, what they eat and other top facts.  We've worked hard to plan our ideas carefully, to include noun phrases and link our ideas when writing.
Addition and subtraction methods have features this week, we have particularly been thinking how to use knowledge of number facts to help us.
On Thursday we returned to Melwood for another exciting Woodland Learning session with a dragon them.  Photographs of this in a few weeks.
Headteacher award- Chloe for a fantastic poem using similes.
Sport Award- Freddy for creative ideas in gym.
12th January
Another busy busy week in Kingfisher Class.  We have really focused on settings for a dragonworld this week, making use of lots of adjectives within our writing.  We are trying hard to complete challenges to improve our writing each time. 
In maths we have played with numbers- comparing them 2 digit numbers and exploring rounding to the nearest 10. 
Our dragon eye sketches are quite impressive- look out for photos appearing soon.
Writer of the week- Maya
Sports star of he week- Imogen
Headteacher award- Iris
5th January
The DIY fairies have been hard at work in Kingfisher Class over the holiday and the children have been very excited about the new (very blue) carpet this week!  The have also given a warm welcome to their new teacher, Mrs Samways.
Our peaceful start was somewhat disrupted when we returned from playtime to find chairs and tables upturned and books scattered on the floor.  One eagle-eyed detective spotted an interesting book under one table... and so began our journey to become Dragonologists.
We have spent time talking about and writing descriptions of Dragons based on the book 'Tell me a dragon' as well as painting our own pictures of Dragons.  In maths we worked as teams to complete a number grid challenge. Phonics work has been based on the rules of adding -ing (something to practise at home) 
Headteacher's award- Sunday
Sports award- Chloe V
Kingfisher Class Trip to the Sedgwick Museum in Cambridge.
We had the most fabulous day visiting the famous Sedgwick Museum in Cambridge.
To go alongside our Famous Scientists topic, we explored the museum, finding displays and information about Mary Anning and Charles Darwin.
Not only did we see Mary Anning's Ichthyosaurus from Lyme Regis, but we found Charles Darwin's diary and measured Iguanodon and T Rex footprints!
What an adventure! Have a look at our photos to see more of our Dinosaur Day Trip!
Lights, Camel, Action!
What an amazing nativity!
We are so proud of each and every one of you for your brilliant enthusiasm and your hard work.
Everyone agreed that this year's nativity was one of the best!
Congratulations to you all!
Here you all are in your costumes just before the dress rehearsal.