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We are the Year 4 class full of SUPERSTARS!! We like to have fun, always working with smiles on our faces!! 
This Term:
Our topic this term is Stone-Age to Iron-Age. Have a look on our Parent Page for the topic map and further information on how to support your child at home.
Coming Up... 
Year 3 & 4 orienteering - Tuesday 6th November 2018
Parents Evening - Wednesday 7th November 2018 and Thursday 15th November 2018 
In Kite Class we have been learning... 
This week in English we have started to learn how to write a set of structured instructions in detail. We will be continuing with this over the next few weeks. 
Over the past few weeks, we have been learning how to use column addition effectively. We have done this through the use of maths resources to support us. We have also applied this skill when working out word problems. Last week we explored Roman Numerals, making them out of Lego and displaying them in our classroom. This week (15/10/2018) we started subtraction. In these lessons, we explored how to subtract two numbers using the bar model, counters and the column method.  
Autumn 1 Since the beginning of term we have been exploring the human digestive system, looking at the names of different organs and their importance. We also explored the vital role teeth play in the digestive system, even taking part in a fair test! This involved, placing boiled eggs into different drinks to see which one decayed the eggs the quickest. We were very surprised to learn that Orange Juice decayed the egg quicker that Coca-Cola! 
Autumn 2 This half term, we are learning all about electricity. To start our new topic we created ’one word’ poems about a picture of electricity as well as creating pieces of art on what we see about when thinking about electricity. We also explored questions we would like answered by the end of the topic. 
Stone Age to Iron Age 
In this lesson, the children learnt all about the discovery of Skara Brae. They were then given the opportunity to create their own news report on the discovery in 1850. 
08/10/2018 In PE over the past few weeks, we have been working on our kicking skills by dribbling the ball around cones, passing to our partners and playing football rounders. 
15/10/2018  In PE this week, Ms Harvey introduced the class to a new game called Crab Football. This involved the children playing football but they were only allowed to stay in the position of a crab. This game was a great form of exercise but also VERY funny! 
29/10/2018  In PE this week we started our dance topic. As it was Halloween this week, we started to create a dance to the Michael Jackson song ‘Thriller’. This dance involved a lot of zombie poses. We will be continuing with this over the next few weeks. 
Guided Reading 
In Guided Reading this term, we are exploring the story 'The Stone Age Boy!' Every week, we read a new page, discussing questions about it. This is done in small groups with Miss Whitton, giving time for all children to share their ideas and opinions. 
Please see image below for any activity ideas you may want to complete at home based on your child's home reading book. 
 Times Tables 
Times Table Carousel 
Every Friday, the children take part in a times table carousel. This involves 6 different activities based on the times table of the week . The children are then given 10 minutes to have a go on each activity. These activities can involve singing songs, working with Miss Whitton, colour by number sheets and purple mash. 
Tables Race! 
Every week, Kite Class complete a times table test. This involves answering around 30 multiplication and division questions. When they get 100% twice, they receive their certificate and a prize! Then the tests get harder and harder! 
Who got their certificates this week? 
Well done to Leo, Finlay and Amelia for getting their bronze Certificates this week! 
Well done to Elliot for getting his silver certificate this week! 
Class trip to The Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Cambridge: Wednesday 17th October.
I would like to say big thank you to all the parents and carers who are came along on the trip, it was a great success and we really enjoyed ourselves. At the museum we were able to hold artefacts from the stone, bronze and iron age and learn facts about them. We even got to touch a real mammoth's tooth! 
Let's celebrate!
Headteacher's Award: Bertie
Olympic Value Award: Tia
Super Writer's Award: Amelia