Look what we've been learning!

Head Teacher's Award:
The winner of this weeks Head Teachers award was Olly Tidby who did a fantastic job writing and editing his own version of the Tiger who came to tea called the Guinea Pig who came to tea.
Sports Award:
This weeks award goes to William Fowler for his great determination and effort in swimming.
Star Writer:
Every fortnight we elect a new Swift class star writer. On Friday 14th June our star writer was Florence Eldridge with her awesome super hero story.
Our trip to the Raptor Foundation.  See our videos of the flight display and pictures of the activities the children got to do.  We had so much fun!
Look what we have been up to this week.....
Week beginning 17th June 2019
Class Topic - Fur, feathers and scales.
Well we have had the best week in Swift Class.  The wet weather seems to have passed so we enjoyed doing some activities in the sunshine.  We managed to get in the pool twice and the children have made great progress with learning to swim on their fronts.  Mrs Morris took the class to the woods and they got to make animals out of clay which was brilliant fun.
In maths we have started looking at place value to 100 and we have been doing lots of work around comparing and representing numbers.  In English we have been focusing on the story the Tiger who came to tea and we finished the week with writing our own versions.  We had lots of different animals such as ostriches, cats and guinea pigs which was a big favourite.  In science the children worked together to find out information about different animals and this was put on display in the classroom. The children are now learning alternative sounds in phonics and we have had a great time learning new phonemes.  On Friday we had our last practice for Sports Day so everyone is super prepared for the big day!
We had a lovely afternoon on Friday.  Mr Jones suggested that we do our buddy reading outside with Kestral Class.  The children loved being able to choose where they sat with their buddies to read.  We all enjoyed the lovely warm sunshine too!