Look what we've been learning!

Week ending 12th July

This week we have been learning how to care for pets. We have used our vets role play area and written information about how to care for a dog. In maths we have explored capacity and measures, we measured ourselves in the autumn term and again in the summer term and compared how much we had grown!

In phonics we have started to learn some new digraphs and tricky words which we will see learn more about next year.

Week ending 5th July

This week we read and retold ‘Dear Zoo’ as well as creating our own version of the story.

In Maths we explored capacity with lots of measuring challenges using different junk modelling containers.

In phonics we played lots of games and learnt some new diagraphs ‘ay’ and ‘ou’ and the tricky words ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’.

Headteacher award- Ruby

Sports award- Mckenzie

Week ending 28th June

This week we had another action packed week with our Rumble in the Jungle topic.  We thought about our own and other animals’ special skills and talents. In maths we explored shape, pattern and symmetry, creating some artwork for a classroom display.

In phonics we learnt our first two phase 5 tricky troll words, ‘people’ and ‘oh’ and digraphs 'ea' 'ie'.

We finished off our busy week with more swimming and our very first school sports day on the Friday!

Week ending 14th June

This week our learning about jungle animals has got well under way! We sang along to a story called ‘Walking Through the Jungle’ and we thought about which wow words we could use to describe how different animals look and how they move. We then played guess my animal and took turns asking and answering questions.

In phonics we have continued to practice putting all our known sounds and tricky troll words into action with our reading and writing.

Week ending 8th June

This week saw the final week of our much enjoyed Dinosaur topic. We spent some time writing lists and planning for a dinosaur adventure. We then completed our topic with an exciting visit to the Knebworth Dinosaur Park!

In Maths we explored doubling and halving numbers and groups of objects.

In Phonics we are practicing using and applying our sounds to read longer words and sentences. We are continuing to learn how to read all of our Phase 4 tricky words and spell some of the Phase 3 tricky words as well.

Headteachers award- Whole class for our first trip!

Week ending 17th May

This week we have created posters to share our learning including why we think dinosaurs became extinct.

We have continued our exploring subtraction and recording number sentences.

 In phonics we have introduced some more tricky words to read ‘do’  ‘ when’  ‘out’  ‘ what’.

We have practised spelling some tricky words ready to use in our own writing.

Headteacher award- Amelia

Sports award- Ruby

Week ending 10th May

This week we have continued our exploration into dinosaur land! We have been writing letters to dinosaurs and exploring subtracting with counting backwards and finding less than a number.

In phonics we have added four more tricky words to our growing collection ‘were’ ‘there’ ‘little’ ‘one’.  We are continuing to apply our known sounds to reading longer words and sentences. 

Headteacher award -Toby

Sports award- Jessica

Week ending 3rd May

We love dinosaurs! Puffin class have been exploring dinosaur stories and texts. We have been using our topic across our learning and our dinosaurs have even been helping us with our addition in Maths!

This week we have continued to practise applying our sounds to reading and writing. We have learnt 4 new tricky troll words,  ‘some’, ‘come’, ‘have’ and ‘ like’ and we have begun to practise spelling some tricky words such as ‘was’ and ‘you’.

Headteachers award- Ralph

Sports award- Molly

Week ending 26th April

We have launched into our new topic; all about dinosaurs! We have already dug for dinosaur bones and begun to find out information and ask questions as part of our exciting learning adventure for this half term.

This week we began Phase 4 in our Phonics. We are now practising applying our sounds to reading and writing a wider range of words. We learnt some new tricky troll words; ‘said’ and ‘so’.

Headteacher award- Lewis

Sports award- Luca

Week ending 29th March

This week we had a video message from Farmer Tom, he needed our help to know what jobs to do and which animals to keep on his farm. We also read and were inspired to do our own writing from the story ‘Farmer Duck’ .  In phonics we have continued to revisit our sounds from Phase 3 and we have discovered  two more tricky words  ‘are’ and ‘was’.

We have been completing lots of challenges in Math using our number and measuring skills to solve problems.

Headteacher award- Jessica

Sports award- Jacob

Week ending 22nd March

This week we had our final week of our Pirates topic. We all wrote  a shared adventure story, which is in our class if you would like to read it?  We also wrote messages in a bottle and in Maths we explored problem solving with number and weighing. 

In phonics we are revising all of our Phase 3 sounds and learning our new tricky word, ‘her’.

We finished our Pirates topic with a dress up day, we walked the plank to start the day and had an action packed day of activities!

Sports award- Declan

Week ending 15th March

This week we have continued our reading, writing and creative learning through our pirates topic. We found out our pirate names and created artwork to accompany it.  We explored our 3d shapes, naming, describing and creating with them.   In phonics we explored some new sounds ‘ure’ and 'er' and the tricky troll word ‘all’.  We rounded off another busy week with our Comic Relief fun run.

Headteachers award- Gregory

Sports award-The whole of Puffin class

Week ending 8th March

We have been having fun with all our different learning opportunities through our Pirates topic. These have included rhyming words, pirate ship artwork and a pirate obstacle course!  In Maths we have continued our describing and naming 2d and 3d shapes.  In phonics this week we learnt the new tricky troll word ‘they’ and practised the sounds ‘ow’ ‘oi’ ‘ear’ and ‘air’.

Headteacher award- Oscar

Sports award- Isobel

Week ending 1st March

This week we were very excited to discover a pirate had visited our classroom! We have begun a new topic exploring the book ‘Pirate Pete’ and deciding what treasure we would like to find.

In Maths we have been naming and describing 2D shapes and in phonics we have been practising the new tricky troll word ‘you’ and the digraphs ‘oo’ ‘ar’ ‘or’ and ‘ur’

Headteacher award- Emily

Sports award- McKenzie

As we near the end of this half term, we have been learning all about Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated. We have made our own lanterns and money wallets.  In Nature detectives we made our own lucky blossom branches.  We even took on the challenge to build our own (mini) models of the Great Wall of China!  In maths we have explored accurate counting and calculations including some adding and subtracting.

We have been reviewing and revisiting our Phase 3 digraphs and trigraphs and tricky words, including, he, she, be, we, me and my.

Headteachers award – Lily

Sports award - Toby

Week ending 21st June

This week we have been getting into our swimming! We have been lucky enough to swim 3 times a week and we have been enjoying developing our skills in the water.

This week we have continued our money problem solving and we have been sharing information about jungle animals.

In phonics we have continued to practice using and applying our known sounds and tricky troll words.

Headteacher award- Lewis

Sports award- Evie

Week ending 5th July

This week we read and retold ‘Dear Zoo’ as well as creating our own version of the story.

In Maths we explored capacity with lots of measuring challenges using different junk modelling containers.

In phonics we played lots of games and learnt some new diagraphs ‘ay’ and ‘oy’ and the tricky words ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’.

Headteacher award- Ruby

Sports award- Mckenzie

Nature Detectives!
A huge thank you to the parents and grandparents who have helped throughout the year. A special thank you goes out to those of you who have helped nearly every week- for this we are so grateful!

Week ending 1st February

This week we have been exploring Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We have created story maps, written letters and even created wanted posters for Goldilocks!

In Maths we have been practising our money skills and we have explored capacity and measure to see which bowl contains the most porridge for the three bears.

In Phonics we have been practising using the digraphs ‘oo’ ‘ai‘  ‘igh’  ‘oa’  ‘ee’

Headteacher award - Luca

Sports award- Caia

Week ending 25th January

This week has been another busy week. We have based our learning around the traditional story  ‘The Elves and the Shoemakers’.  This has given us the opportunity to write to the elves, print and collage as well as create 3d shoes.  We have continued our work on measures and begun exploring money with a shoe shop.

This week in phonics we have focused on the sounds ‘oa’ and ‘oo’ and we have learnt a new tricky troll word ‘my’.

Head teacher award- Sebastian

Sport award-Amelia

Writer of the week-Isobel

Week ending 11th January

This week we have been busy continuing our learning about traditional stories. We revisited Jack and the Beanstalk as well as exploring other versions of this story, we received a letter from a giant and learnt how to grow a beanstalk from a cat called Jasper.  We were inspired to plant our own beans and we are now looking after them and hoping they will grow.  In maths we continued the theme with measuring beanstalks and caterpillars and we made a tricky obstacle course for a giant in the woods.

Our phonic focus this week has been ‘ai ‘ ‘ ee’ ‘ igh’

Headteacher award- Abbigail

Sport award- Taylor

Welcome back to our busy spring term.  This half term we are focusing on traditional tales before thinking about celebrations around Chinese New Year.
Week beginning 7th January
We have begun our learning this week thinking about the story Jack and the Beanstalk.  We have been busy making story maps, writing about our favourite part, labelling pictures, counting golden coins, colour mixing on leaves, role playing in our fairy tale castle and completing orienteering challenges to name a few things.
Our phonics focus this week has been 'th' 'sh' 'ng' 'ch' - ask us about these digraphs.
Headteacher award- Bobby
Sport award- Oscar
Writer of the week- Ralph

Weeks ending 14th and 19th December

What a busy time we have had in the build up to Christmas.

We have had a trip to our local church to see the Meldreth Christmas Tree festival.  We have amazed our families with our singing and performances for our own Nativity; celebrating Christmas around the world.  We have enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner and we were lucky to be able to watch a magical show by Widdershins.

In Literacy we have read Christmas themed stories and practised our writing skills with Christmas cards and crafts and a challenge to write a Christmas wish. In Phonics we have been revisiting our phonic sounds learnt so far and applying them with lots of fun phonic games including buried treasure and our favourite phonic bingo.

In Maths we have explored capacity using different sized Christmas stockings and explored the names of 3D shapes as we put some presents under our class Christmas tree.

We also said a sad goodbye to our TA Mrs Jameson, we wish her lots of happiness as she embarks on some travel in the new year. We welcome Miss Jackson who already works in our classroom as our new TA.

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas!

Week ending 30th November
This week has been our final week on our topic 'Tell me a Story'.  
We explored rhyming words and writing thank you notes with The Snail and the Whale. We then finished our topic with a final book called A squash and a squeeze which linked very nicely to our Maths learning on subtraction. 
We have really enjoyed reading so many books written by Julia Donaldson and we look forward to our next topic for the final part of this term.
In phonics we have been learning some new sounds and actions including x and y and our first digraph qu.
We have enjoyed playing lots of phonic games including buried treasure and tricky word bingo.
Headteacher award- Caia
Sports award- Sebastian
Week ending 23rd November
This week our focus has been The Gruffalo.  We have really enjoyed acting our the story, thinking about different characters and inventing our own terrible creatures. 
Our mud kitchen is back up and running in our new outdoor classroom and the children have been very creative in what they have produced linked to the stories we have read.
We have our very own Deep dark wood in the classroom for a great space to sit and read different Julia Donaldson books and to act out the stories.  We also used our Melwood visit during Nature Detectives to create Guffalo dens.
In maths we have continued thinking about addition, how to find the total of two groups and what a number sentence is.  Our phonics this week has been a fun filled week practising all the different phonemes and graphemes we have covered and applying our blending and segmenting skills.  We even used a pass the parcel game which was great fun.
Headteacher award- Mckenzie
Sports award- Sebastian
Puffin class have had a busy start to the this half term.  We have been exploring books by Julia Donaldson for our new topic 'Tell me a story'.  Our learning has covered Room on a Broom (including having a spell shop in Puffin Class!), Stickman (with some fantastic stickman creations in Melwood), The Scarecrow's Wedding (using saws to make wooden scarecrow faces), What the Ladybird Heard (creating traps for the robbers) and The Gruffalo (making all sorts of fantastic Gruffalo food in the mud kitchen)
Our reading skills are developing brilliantly and we have enjoyed lots of different phonic games on the smartboard, in the outside classroom and as part of our daily challenges. We have been concentrating on our name writing and segmenting words to help with our writing.  You would be amazed how brilliant we are already.
We have spent time exploring woodland animals and dance moves to tell their hibernation story, learnt all about Diwali and firework safety.  We had a great visit from a Policeman to learn about road safety and we even got to go in the police car and hear the siren.  We are now beginning our nativity rehearsals.  We can't wait to show everyone what we can do for that.
Week beginning 15th October
We read Tasty Poems to start our week and also looked at Pumpkin Soup.  We spent time getting ready for our Parents café as a celebration of the end of our Yummy Scrummy topic.  We really enjoyed sharing our phonic skills and learning journals with our parents.  
In phonics we practised our blending skills in lots of games- playing I Spy treasure hunts, pass the parcel and musical statue phonics.  
In maths we practised our number recognition, number writing and also ordering numbers up to 10 and beyond.
We were sad to say goodbye to Miss Haigh as she gets ready to welcome her baby.  Mrs Franks popped in to meet us and say hello.  She will be teaching in Puffin on Mondays and Tuesdays.
Happy half term.
Week beginning October 8th 2018
We read and enjoyed the stories Oliver's Fruit Salad and Handa's Surprise. In the classroom we enjoyed exploring fruit and juicing it. We wrote the initial sound for our favourite fruit.
In phonics, we learned to read the word and, we practised blending and we learned the sounds g, o, c  and k. We really love our phonics sessions. Please continue to help us practise at home.
In maths, we recognised, ordered and compared numbers. We also practised counting objects accurately to match the numeral. In the woods we made crowns and made Autumn potions, they smelled lovely!
We enjoyed celebrating the Harvest Festival with the rest of the school.
Week Beginning 1st October
This week we explored vegetables. There were vegetables all over the classroom for us to explore and investigate. We read 'Supertato' and 'The Enormous Turnip' and participated in lots of activities related to this theme. We acted out the story and made our own class version called 'The Enormous Courgette'.
In maths, we practised counting and number recognition. We also weighed objects that we found in the classroom using balance scales and used vocabulary like heavier, lighter, more and less.
In phonics we learned the phonemes i, n, m, d. Every phoneme has a caption and an action! We practised blending words using these phonemes, including the fairy (high frequency) words it, at, as, in. 
We had our first Nature Detectives session in the woods and it was brilliant!
We are looking forward to welcoming you to our Cafe on Monday 15th October at 2.30pm in Puffin classroom.
Headteachers Award: Isobel

Sports Award: Gregory

Week beginning 24th September

This week we started our Yummy Scrummy topic. We read, enjoyed and explored the story of The Little Red Hen and The Little Red Hen Makes Pizza. We even made our own flatbreads.

In maths, we recognised different 2D shapes (rectangle, square, circle, triangle, etc) and we practised our counting skills and finding the matching numeral.

Our phonics journey has started. We love the Storytime Phonics Fairy. Last week she introduced us to the sounds s, a, t and p. Please ask us to show you the actions, we would be delighted to. Thank you to everybody who joined us for our Reading and Phonics information session.

On Friday we went to our first celebration assembly. Congratulations to the following children who received an award.

Headteacher award - Toby

Sport award - Curtis

Writer of the week - Emily

Don’t forget that Nature Detectives starts on Tuesday 2nd October.

Week beginning 17th September

What a busy week we had. We are still getting to know new routines, school rules and the names of the other children in Puffin Class. We have enjoyed using different resources in the classroom and staying for school lunches and playtime with the whole school. Well done to all of the children who come into the classroom independently in the morning.

We have enjoyed looking at different patterns and creating our own. We read and enjoyed Pants and My Mum and Dad make me laugh. On Friday, we had a lovely tea party with Swift and Wren class. We enjoyed tasting the goodies that they made for us! Next week we will be starting phonics and our new topic.

Our first week
What a busy time we have had during our first few days at school! We have been busy getting to know each other and finding our way around our new classroom, school and playground.
Elmer has helped us think about patterns and colours in our busy learning.  Do come and have a look at our classroom displays.  We have also played rhyming games and taken part in our first PE.