Look what we've been learning!

Summer Term
Our winning group in The Energy Challenge went on to the Regional finals in Meldreth Village Hall and had to present their project to a range of judges from the world of science (including Mr Jones' old science teacher from school, Mr Harvey!!). The children were brilliant, but unfortunately they did not win a place in the Grand Final! But thanks to Paige and Shaan and Astra Zeneca for a fantastic project!
The JTAs helped launch the new Shepreth, Meldreth and Foxton rail group with our District Councillor, Susan Van de Ven and our MP, Heidi Allen. We got to cut the special train cake and we even had a free trip to Shepreth Wildlife Park! Wahey! 
Spring Term
We had a fantastic day at Wandlebury Iron Age Fort, finding out about the people who lived here two and a half thousand years ago!
We have spent the last few weeks working on Astra Zeneca's Energy Challenge competition. We investigated four different questions to do with energy in food, and made presentations to a panel of judges. The winning group will go on to the next round against other schools who have done the challenge.
We have written extended stories about travelling back in time to the Stone Age. Come on in and read a few!
Keeping safe online is a very serious business. After we had some discussions about online safety, we made these leaflets to inform everyone about E-Safety!
We have some amazing musicians in our class!
Snow!! It doesn't come very often....but we LOVE it when it does!!
A new term, a new topic! This term our class topic is 'Early People'. Look on the parent page to see this term's Link Letter and Topic Outline.
Stone age people used stone, bone, antler and wood to make all their tools. Can you tell what these objects are made of and how they would have been used?
We have been exploring the amount of energy that different foods contain, with the help of Shaan and Paige from Astra Zeneca. We're going to plan an investigation to test a range of different foods for their energy levels. 
Autumn Term
Here is the amazing film we watched, showing the incredible Apollo 11 moon landing of July 1969. We are using it to help us write our news reports about the expedition!
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Here we are busily composing our 'Space' themed music!
Happy Harvest!
We had great fun in the Harvest Festival telling everyone about some of the new foods that Christopher Columbus brought back from the New World in the 1490s!
Tom Roden ran an amazing series of dance workshops for us!
We moved in ways we didn't know was possible!
We had a lot of fun on Decoration Day! Mr Jones organised a big frieze which we all made a part of!
We all went over to the rec to investigate the different lengths of the orbits of all the planets in the solar system.
On November 2, Tom was our Writer of the Week for his atmospheric description!
In our science lessons we have been exploring our planet Earth - in Space. We used all sorts of balls, balloons and other inflatables to explain how we have day and night, what makes a year a year and why summer is warm yet winter is cold!