Modern Foreign Languages

At Meldreth Primary School we are keen to offer an early introduction to Modern Foreign Languages by delivering Spanish to all children in Key Stage 2, thereby providing the critical foundation for the continued learning that takes place at Secondary School level.

Spanish is taught in a way that allows the opportunity to explore creative and playful approaches to open our young learners’ minds to the concept not just of conversing in a foreign language, but also of understanding a different culture.

Pupils are taught to listen and respond to the language, thus showing their understanding. They broaden their Spanish conversational vocabulary by engaging in conversations, phrases and familiar written material. Key phrases are modelled, memorised then adapted and expanded as the children’s understanding of the language develops throughout Key Stage 2. Learning is supported by role play, singing and games, as well as utilising a cross curricular opportunity to progress learning with the assistance of Spanish computing games.

At the very top end of the school, this learning culminates in some recording of vocabulary, knowledge and skills (if appropriate for the child) to help in the transition to language teaching and learning at Key Stage 3.