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Osprey Class
Hello and welcome to Osprey!
We are the Year 3 class, who like to work hard and have fun!!
Spring Term:
This term our topic is all about our Extreme Earth. Have a look below or on the parent page to see our topic map and all that we will be looking at.
Coming Up...
Happy New Year! We hope you had a great break. Over these first few weeks we will be taking part in some exciting activities with Kite class to learn all about our LKS2 topic. Have a look below to see what we've done so far...
WB 14.1.19
Vicious Volcanoes
In Osprey this week we have been learning all about volcanoes and how they work. We also got to read the story 'Escape from Pompeii' by Christina Balit. We retold the story and started planning our own volcano escape stories.
In Science, we looked at rocks and revised the different types. We then tested them for density, permeability and durability, using our scientific skills of observation and classifying (see below for our band new science skills wheel). Have a look below for some photos of our experiment. 
In PE, we are working with Ms Jackson this term to complete some OAA and Orienteering activities. Have a look below for some pictures of our lesson this week.
Our winners this week...
Headteacher's Award: Harley, for his super questions in our Topic lesson on volcanoes.
Olympic Values Award: Jake, for his positive attitude in all PE lessons.
Well done to all our winners!
WB 7.1.19
Maths, Mnemonics and Metamorphic Rocks
This week in Osprey Class we have been taking part in a number of fun and exciting activities to get us all excited about our new topic: Extreme Earth. On Monday, we took part in a whole rotation of activities with Kite Class (Year 4) to help us learn about our first focus - the layers of the earth. On Wednesday, we decided we needed a way to remember the layers, so we wrote written mnemonic poems to help us. Have a look below for some pictures and great work!
In Maths lessons this week, we have started looking at multiplication using arrays and have practiced our timestables. Don't forget you can look at our calculation policy and our Year 3 expectations (both found here on our website) to be reminded of how the children are taught Maths at Meldreth Primary. Have a look at some of our super work below...
Our winners this week...
Headteacher's Award: Rennie, for trying so hard with his writing, especially with Mrs Maskell on a Tuesday afternoon.
Super-Star Writer: Sunday, for her excellent descriptive writing about a thunder storm.
Well done to all our winners!
WB 3.1.19
Welcome Back!!
The first few days were very busy. We have looked back over what we learnt last term; had a think about what we might learn this term and started a Science experiment all about washing our hands. Have a look below for some pictures.
We also did a spelling check. See below for a list of the year 3/4 common exception words, so you can keep on practicing.
Our winners this week...
Headteacher's Award: Osprey Class - for their excellent singing and acting during the KS2 Carol Concert last term.
Olympic Values Sports Award: Alicia - for her positive attitude in gymnastics.
Spring Term Overview:
Have a look below for our Topic Map and Spring Term class text, while we work on some super work to show you...
The end of 2018!
Holiday Work...
Please see below for our holiday Homework. 
The links for Mathletics and other supportive online materials can be found on our Parent Page.
Merry Christmas!
Autumn Term 2
The most wonderful time of the year...
This term has been extremely busy, so we have had less time to update our class page, but here is a little taste of all that we have been up to!
  • Enjoyed hockey lessons in PE.
  • Gone to the KS2 cross-county competition.
  • Learnt more about the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages.
  • Written Stone Age stories.
  • Created some excellent decorations for our winter themed school displays.
  • Watched the KS1 Nativity Play.
  • Taken part in the KS2 Carol Service at the church (have a look at the News page of our website to see some pictures and listen to some sound-bytes).
  • Enjoyed creating a 4 times table music video.
  • AND Been visited by Ernie (Santa's magical elf friend).
Well done to ALL our Headteacher's Award, Olympic Values Certificate and Star Writer winners this term! We look forward to see who will win next year!
W.B. 30.10.18
This week in Osprey we have been very excited to explore and finally use our new classroom! 
We have been learning about information texts and have written some great introductions to our Stonehenge Fact Files.
In Maths, we have been looking at word addition problems and have been solving them using the bar model and column method.
We also make some inspirational posters to put up in our classroom; began learning about light and shadows; and learnt all about the Day of the Dead in Spanish.
Our winners this week...
Headteacher's Award: Isla, for being such a kind friend and helping Alicia find her feet during her first week at Meldreth.
Olympic Values Sports Award: Freddy-Lee, for learning our Firework dance in ONE WEEK!!
Superstar Writer: Evie, for her excellent Stonehenge introduction writing.
W.B. 15.10.18
This week we have had so many exciting things happening. As well as working hard on our reading, writing and maths, we have also...
  • Created some spooky music (Have a look below for an example of our excellent compositions).
  • Gone on an exciting class trip to the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Cambridge, on the TRAIN! (See below for some super pictures). Thank you SO much to all the parents and staff who made the trip possible!
  • Made Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age) headdresses.
  • AND Moved classrooms!!
 Our winners this week...
Headteacher's Award: All of Osprey Class, for being so super on our trip and really sensible on the train, even when our first train back was cancelled!
Olympic Values Sports Award: McKenzie, for always being a kind and helpful friend, as well as showing great talent in out Netball lessons.
W.B. 8.10.18
In school this week, we very much enjoyed our harvest festival - practicing the songs, rehearsing our poem and eating the cakes we had left over!!!
In literacy, we completed our persuasive writing adverts for a Stone Age bow and arrow. Have a look below for some examples of our work. We also started to think about instructional writing and read 'How to wash a woolly mammoth.'
We continued to look at addition in Maths, but this time with carrying!! Everyone worked really hard.
P.E. was really fun this week, we enjoyed practicing our throwing and catching skills, and built on our team work.
Our winners this week...
Headteachers Award: Iris, for working really hard to improve her handwriting.
Olympic Values Sports Award: Millie, for always being a kind friend and helping her peers.
Superstar Writer: Chloe P., for her excellent persuasive advert writing!
W.B. 1.10.18
Can we persuade you to have a look at what we've been learning this week?                                                                               
We have been working especially hard this week to learn all about the key features of a persuasive advert. We have discovered, labelled, discussed and created to help us remember all about how best to sell our Stone Age product. Look next week to see our super writing!!
We have also been trying very hard to understand addition using the column method. We have learnt to lay out our calculations carefully and that you should 'Always, always, always start with the UNITS!'.
Our winners this week...
Headteachers Award: Sophie, for being a kind friend to children in ALL the classes.
Olympic Values Sports Award: Sienna, for her excellent team work in our Netball lesson.
W.B. 24.9.18
In Osprey this week:                                                                               
We have been working really hard to improve our reading comprehension and have been showing great tenacity when it comes to understanding and using Place Value in our Maths lessons. Have a look below to see some of the activities we have been doing.
Our winners this week...
Headteachers Award: Joe, for his super independent writing!
Olympic Values Sports Award: Imogen, for using all of her energy in every move in our This Is Me dance.
Superstar Writer: Harley, for trying so hard when writing our letters.
Class Award: Bailey, for being positive even when things don't always go his way.
Well done to all our winners!
So far this term...
Our first few weeks in Osprey:                                                                               
We have all settled in to Osprey now, in our temporary classroom (the old Kingfisher). Everyone has come back with lots of energy and determination to work hard this year. See below for some of the exciting activities we have taken part it so far!
In Science we learnt all about how to keep our bodies healthy.
We made fortune tellers in our PSHE lesson on being kind. Each number had a kind message or action hidden beneath it.
Our Maths focus for the first 3 weeks was place value. Here we are working together to show place value of numbers in lots of different ways.
Autumn Term Overview:
Our LKS2 topic this term will be 'Stone Age to Iron Age'.
Have a look below to see this term's topic map and class text, while we work hard on some amazing activities to show you all...