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Autumn Term
PE will take place on Thursday and Friday next half term.
Nature Detectives
Thank you to everyone who has signed up to help out.
We still need help on
7th November
14th November
21st November
Please see Mrs Franks if you can help out, or sign up on the sheet outside Robin Class.
Thank you to everyone who attended the Reading and Phonics workshop.
Please find the powerpoint below.
The websites we mentioned were

Friday 20th October

What a wonderful start the children in Robin class have made to their school journey. They are exhausted after a busy half term making friends and learning the routine of school.

Thank you to everyone who attended our tea party this afternoon. It was a very fitting end to our ‘Yummy Scrummy’ topic and lovely to see so many people here.

This week we enjoyed learning about Diwali and we were busy producing invitations, decorations and food for our party.

In phonics we learned the sounds g, o, c and k. We listened to a variety of different books containing these sounds. We have now learned the sounds satpinmdgock. Over the holidays you could help your child to spot these letters in books and on signs. You could also practise blending sounds together to make VC (it) and CVC (cat) words. We have also learned to read the high frequency (fairy) words in, it, is, at and and. Learning to sight read these words really helps to improve fluency. You could put them up in your house as passwords on doors, the TV, the fridge, etc or write them on to pieces of card and play pairs or snap with them.

Headteacher’s Award: Poppy for enthusiastically tackling busy learning challenges in the classroom.

Writer of the Week: Esmee for writing all the time!

Sports Award: Hollie for good ideas in our PE lesson and helping to tidy away the baskets after every PE session.

Learner of the week: Will return after the half term holiday. 

Friday 13th October

This week we made and tasted delicious apple crumble. We have been reading Oliver’s Vegetables and Oliver’s Fruit Salad and we really enjoyed the story of Supertato. Our classroom was taken over by the Evil Pea, he caused all sorts of chaos. We have been counting and recognising numbers and practising letter formation. Thank you for taking the time to help us to write our names at home.

We love our phonics lessons and this week we have learned the sounds i, n, m, d. Please ask us to show you the actions, we would be delighted to. We have been practising reading the high frequency (fairy) words at, is, it and in. We have been putting sounds together and blending them to make words (for example s-a-t). You could help us to practise this by making words from satpinmd for us to read. You could put the letters on the fridge or put the letters on little cards for us to play with.

Well done to all of the Robin class children who are coming into the classroom independently.

We went to our first celebration assembly today. The following children received awards this week:

Sports Award: Nicholas for brilliant changing into his PE kit.

Headteacher’s Award: Amelie for having a positive attitude towards all activities and learning.

Learner of the week: Dylan for super blending.

We are looking forward to welcoming you into our classroom for our tea party next Friday 20th October at 2.15pm.


Friday 6th October
This week we have been enjoying the story of 'The Enormous Turnip'. In Maths we have been counting and recognizing numbers. We made and iced carrot cakes and we have been busy learning inside the classroom and out. We have been riding the bikes, digging in the sandpit and exploring vegetables.
We started our Fairytime Phonics adventure. We have learned the sounds s a t p. You could ask us to show you the action and help us to think of items and names starting with these sounds. We also started guiding reading.
Thank you for your contributions for the Harvest Festival and for joining us for our celebration today.
As the children become more familiar with the school, we are encouraging them to develop their independence by walking from the office and entering the classroom on their own. Please help to support your child to do this.
Don't forget that every Wednesday is show and tell. Please do not bring in toys but anything related to the children's achievements or to do with our topic on food is very welcome.
We still need one more helper for Nature Detectives on Tuesday. The children had an awesome time!
Learner of the week: James has taken Elmer home this weekend.
Friday 29th September 2017
This week we have been enjoying and exploring the story of The Little Red Hen. Today we made bread, buttered it and ate it - delicious! Lots of children took theirs home to share, look out for it in book bags.
We have been enjoying stories as part of our Storytime Phonics and we are ready to start Phase 2 next week. Look out for our actions and captions, they really support our learning.
Today we had a Welcome Party in the hall with Jay and Kingfisher class. We played musical statues and ate biscuits. It was great fun.
We have also been looking at 3D solids (cube, cuboid, cone, cylinder, sphere and pyramid) and practising changing into our PE kits.
Learner of the week: Elmer has gone home this week with Florence. Florence has completed lots of Busy Learning challenges this week. 
Friday 22nd September 2017
This week has been a busy week in Robin class. We did our first ever PE session and went on the Life Education Bus. We have enjoyed eating our school dinners in the hall and spending lunchtime outside playing with our friends.
We started our new topic 'Yummy Scrummy'. You can see the topic web below. Our role play area has changed into a cafe and we have been exploring the story 'Handa's Surprise'. On Wednesday we made fruit kebabs, they tasted delicious and we have been recognising 2D shapes and their properties in our maths learning.