Science at Meldreth 

At Meldreth Primary School, we aim to provide children with scientific experiences and opportunities to develop as independent, interactive and collaborative learners in a variety of exciting and stimulating activities across the curriculum. The children are encouraged, through a question-based curriculum, to investigate and make sense of the world and environment around them.

At the heart of our child-centred curriculum is children’s natural curiosity and desire to learn. Our mission is to provide children with the skills, knowldge and understanding of how Science has contributed to the world and how they can use that knowledge to benefit future generations.

How can we work scientifically? 
“‘Working scientifically’ specifies the understanding of the nature, processes and methods of science…“ (National Curriculum for Science) 
To work scientifically we can: 
1. Test a theory using fair and comparative testing 
2. Find a pattern 
3. Identify, classify and group 
4. Observe over time 
5. Research using secondary sources 
To support the children with their understanding, each class is provided with a working scientifically wheel which the children can use when working scientifically. 
See below for an example of this. 
Working Scientifically at home 
Websites to use to support Science learning at home 
Resources for parents