Look what we've been up to this term!

This term in Swallow we are finding out about India, go to the Parent Page to see the topic plan and find out what we will be learning about.
Head Teacher's Award:
This week's Head Teacher's award went to William (Year 3), for his super effort in improving his reading skills this year.
Sports Award:
This week's award went to Effie (Year 6), for her excellent team spirit!
Writer of the Week:
This week's writer of the week is Quinn (Year 3), for his excellent story about a hippo getting his tusks.
Well done to all our winners!
Check back soon for some super writing examples!
Swallow Class this week: (W.B. 22.1.18)
This term in Science, we have been looking at investigations. Using salt, sugar, sand, glitter and a whole lot of water, we investigated dissolving in different conditions. 
Have a look at the pictures below...
Swallow Class this week: (W.B. 22.1.18)
We were learning all about school in India this week. As well as talking about the school day and how its different to ours; we have played traditional games, like Koh-Koh (a game a bit like it or tag); and performed a traditional Indian poem.
Have a look below for some pictures of us performing them.
As part of our India Topic, we had a lady from Action Aid come to speak to us about the Adivasi people who live in Chambakolli, India.
See below for some pictures of us exploring the items she brought along with her.
Swallow Class this week: (W.B. 15.1.18)
We focused on some great PSHE topics this week, including brushing our teeth and washing our hands.
To find out more about washing our hands we learnt a new rhyme to the tune of Frère Jacques:
Over, Under
Over, Under
Scrub between,
Scrub between,
Rinse the tops and bottoms,
Rinse the tops and bottoms,
Hands all clean,
Hands all clean.
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We also looked at the science behind needing clean hands with a bread experiment. See below for a write up by one of our children and some pictures of our 'clean' and 'dirty' bread so far.
Swallow Class this week: (W.B. 8.1.18)
This week we were looking closely at the physical geography of India. We used the atlases and our reading skills to help us discover more about the rivers, climate and mountains in India.
In maths, Year 3 were learning all about division. They used some yummy marshmallows to calculate some simple division problems. (Have a look at the pictures below).