Look what we've been up to!

This term in Swallow we are finding out about the Ancient Egyptians, go to the Parent Page to see the topic plan and find out what we will be learning about.
Head Teacher's Award:
This week's award went to William Miller (Year 3), for all his hard work to improve his handwriting.
Sports Award:
This week's award went to Chloe-Ella Carr (Year 3), for her excellent team work.
Writer of the Week:
This week's writer of the week is Bailey Birch (Year 3). He has been working extremely hard to improve his writing.
Well done to all our winners!
Swallow Class this week: (W.B. 14.11.17)
Our in-depth study questions this week was 'What is an Egyptologigist?" 
We looked at lots of different sources in History and discussed which pieces of evidence are most likely to be true and why. We also talked about how some evidence can contradict each other.
Have look below for some pictures of us finding evidence.
Swallow Class this week: (W.B. 6.11.17)
To start off our investigation into mummification in Ancient Egypt, Swallow class took a trip to the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge. We had an excellent time learning all about the Ancient Egyptian people, the objects they owned and what they though happened when they died.
Swallow Class this week: (W.B. 30.10.17)
In Swallow this week we have been continuing our topic on Ancient Egypt, re-writing the Egyptian creation story.
In Science, we have started looking at electricity. Here we are making circuits!
Swallow Class this week: (W.B. 18.09.17)
We have had a great week, learning more about the Ancient Egyptians and discovering why the Nile was (and stills is) so important to them.
We also got the opportunity to go on the Education Life Bus. See below for some pictures of our time in the travelling classroom.
Working hard in Swallow this week:   (W.B. 11.9.17)
We have been working really hard in swallow to write descriptively and learn about place value. Have a look below at our Literacy and Maths working walls.
Year 3 Maths  (W.B. 11.9.17)
Year 3 have been working hard this week, thinking about place value.
We used equipment to help us create Place Value posters showing one number in lots of different ways.
Have a look at the pictures below to see us hard at work.
Swallow Class