Look what we've been learning!

Head Teacher's Award:
The winner of this weeks Head Teachers award was Max Zeman for his brilliant attitude in English this week.
Sports Award:
This weeks award goes to Jamie Douglas for showing excellent leadership skills during our outdoor and adventurous activities lesson.
Star Writer:
Every fortnight we elect a new Swift class star writer. On Friday (11.1.19) our star writer certificate went to Isla Howard Price for her brilliant free write based on a picture of a fairy tale castle.
Swift Class and Mrs Morris had a great time making the initial of their first name out of leaves and twigs they found in the woods
Where is the alien?  Swift Class and Miss Jackson went out on to the playground to catch an alien using a box, some rope, a net and a pair of underpants!  We followed instructions on how to make the trap and finally catch the alien (whose name was Strume).
The Great Swift Bake Off.... the gingerbread edition!
17th January 2019
What a busy week we have had in Swift Class.  There has been so much going on it is difficult to know where to begin!
In English we carried on focusing on Puss in Boots and wrote some interesting and entertaining accounts about cats.  We continued to work on using the suffixes 'ed' and 'ing' by writing sentences about parts of the fairy tale story, thinking about writing in the past and present tense.  On Wednesday we made gingerbread in preparation for learning how to write instructions.  We had a great time getting our hands dirty mixing all the ingredients together.  The next day we got to decorate our gingerbread people and animals using jelly tots, icing and edible food colouring pens.  Along with decorating gingerbread, we learnt how to catch an alien by following simple instructions.  Tomorrow we will be writing instructions on how to make gingerbread.
Throughout the week we have been learning about number bonds in maths.  We continued to use a tens frame along with uniflix blocks to help us as we were doing number bonds to 20!  One of our activities featured gingerbread men.  In music we started to look at our new unit In the Groove and learnt about Blues music.  We got to listen to a song by BB King and identified which instruments we could hear.  In tricky word spelling we focused on the word 'once' and thought of ways that we could remember how to spell it.  
We are looking forward to PE tomorrow with Puffin.  It is all about the gingerbread man and his adventures!