Look what we've been learning!

Head Teacher's Award:
The winner of this weeks Head Teachers award was Bobby Kirbyshire who has been Mr Reliable this week.  Great listening and great learning.  Well done Bobby!
Sports Award:
This weeks award goes to Caia Zacherino for showing a positive attitude and being super helpful around the classroom.
Star Writer:
Every week we elect a new Swift class star writer. This weeks star writer was Evie Marshall who wrote a neat and well presented list of food for Mr Greedy's breakfast.
Look what we have been up to this week.....
Week beginning 9th September 2019
Class Topic - Mr Men and Marvellous Meldreth.
We have been very busy in Swift Class this week.  The children are getting used to their new routines and have enjoyed their learning.  We have continued to learn about different Mr Men and Little Miss Characters.  In English, the children have been learning about lists and what we use them for.  Swift Class were sent a letter from Mr Greedy, asking them to make a shopping list to buy him thing for his breakfast.  Along with bread, cereal and milk the children also chose to include strawberries, sausages and chocolate cake!
In maths, we have been busy learning to represent numbers along with counting forwards and backwards.  The children have also been learning to write and draw numbers.  We performed a countdown to launch a space shuttle and we made our own space rockets to launch in teams.  At the end of the week, we began work on finding one more and being able to draw it.
This week in phonics we have been focusing on 'ay'.  We have been learning to recognise, read and write words such as say, play, tray and crayon.  We even went hunting for 'ay' words during PE!
In science, we have been learning about our 5 senses and the children got to take part in a carousel of activities.  This included a Skittles taste test, smelling different foods and spices, watching Tom and Jerry without sound and guessing what's in the feely bag.  We had a unanimous decision that Tom and Jerry was much better with sound!
On Friday, we had a brilliant time on the Life Education Bus with Louise and Harold the Giraffe.  We learnt about all the things we need to eat, drink and do to be healthy.  We also learnt about good hygiene and how to deal with issues with our friendships.  Later in the day, Kestral Class came to read with us.  The children love reading with their buddies.  Thanks to Mr Jones and Kestral for being so wonderfully enthusiastic and supportive!