Look what we've been learning!

Head Teacher's Award:
The winner of this weeks Head Teachers award was Ethan Bacon for showing great perseverance and challenging himself.
Sports Award:
This weeks award goes to Poppy Bennett for working hard on improving her teddy rolls and showing great support to her gym partner.
Star Writer:
Every fortnight we elect a new Swift class star writer. On Friday 3rd May the award went to Olly Tidby for his beautifully presented instructions on how to make a worm hotel.
Swift Class love their balance bike training!
The day we flew to Florida!
Look what we have been up to this week.....
Week beginning 6th May 2019
Class Topic - In the garden.
The worming adventures continued this week as Mrs Morris took the children to the woods for Nature Detectives.  Everyone had a great time digging for worms and there was one ginormous worm which everyone was fascinated by.  We are not sure it would have had enough room if we added it to our worm hotel.
In other news, we started looking at fractions in Maths this week.  The children learnt how to identify half of a shape and half of a quantity.  Miss Jackson was ably assisted by Ethan and James who very kindly shared her cakes with her.  The rest of the children were not too happy about not getting any cake though!
In English, we revisited question marks and used pictures to create questions using the words who, where, when, what and why.  We looked at the suffixes er and est and wrote comparative sentences about objects and animals.  On Friday, we had a whale of time learning about exclamation marks and when we would use them.  The children really enjoyed moving around the room finding all of the exclamation sentences and saying them to each other.