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Head Teacher's Award:
The winner of this weeks Head Teachers award was Hannah Francis for being an all round superstar in class.
Sports Award:
This weeks award goes to Amelie Stafford for showing a brilliant positive attitude all week.
Star Writer:
Every fortnight we elect a new Swift class star writer. On Friday 15th March William Fowler received the award for his fantastic fact file.
Swift Class love their balance bike training!
The day we flew to Florida!
Look what we have been up to this week.....
Week beginning 18th March 2019
Class Topic - All Aboard!
Well I must say that Swift Class were pretty exhausted after this week.  Our theme for the week was going on holiday.  We made passports, put together holiday lists and wrote postcards.... We even fitted in a quick trip to Florida!  In Maths, we started looking at measuring and comparing mass.  We were pretty confident with using weighing scales by the end of the week.  In science, Mrs Morris had a treat in store for the children as they had to conduct an experiment to see what items on their tray melted under heat.  The children had to predict what they thought would melt.   The list included lego, ice, marble, butter and chocolate.
On Friday, our classroom was converted in to an airport.  The children had to pass through our very strict passport control and security.  We then spent the morning in Duty Free, where children took it in turns to be customers and shop assistants.  Once we had made our boarding passes we were ready to fly.  Sadly, we had to initially deny two passengers on the flight because they didn't have their passports or boarding passes but fortunately they turned up so they were able to board.  We experienced an actual take off along with some authentic food and drink service from Swift Cabin Crew (Miss Jackson and Mrs Pedge).  At the end, we even managed to squeeze in a quick in-flight movie.
Can we say a big thank you to all of the lovely parents who went to the trouble of packing a bag for their children.  We really appreciated all the efforts you went to.