The Grafham Experience

10th May 2017
All sound asleep by 10pm last night and had to be woken up this morning!
The children are damp but jolly and excited about coming home!!

These children are up for anything! They have been building, climbing, cycling, laughing, eating, sailing, playing, performing like champions! Their support and kindness towards one another is an absolute delight to witness and all have faced fantastic challenges that have enabled them to grow in confidence and self esteem in so many ways. It has been a privilege for us to be away with them!


All sound asleep by 11pm. Two children were up, fully dressed and running around at 5:15am, two and three quarter hours before breakfast! The showers are  in heavy use this morning! Roll on breakfast!

Hysterical evening on the low ropes – which the children all loved – lots of budding acrobats at Meldreth, I’d say!

Followed by the Grafham Challenge – blindfold tour of the woods and various hazards and obstacles along the way! Lots more screaming, laughing and ludicrous comments all round!

Hot choc and review of the day – now lots of sleepy children off to bed…………(er, fingers crossed!)

Phew!! What a scorcher!  

What a wonderful happy and adventurous group of children! All having a wonderful time on rafts / ropes and bikes. Some very sunkissed faces around! Two or three even managed to squeeze in a shower already. 

Theo's bloodcurdling scream of excitement from the top of the high pole silenced the birds from miles around!  

Several raftbuilders took a dunking in the deep when their knots didn’t hold.   

Even Mr Jones climbed to the top of the scary pole (with much encouragement from the children) though no one took any pictures so you'll just have to believe me.

Lunch in 10 minutes - boy are we ready for it.....and then THE GRAFHAM CHALLENGE!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!

Well! What an amazing experience THAT was! Thursday night's long anticipated Talent show was absolutely as extraordinary, hare-brained and bizarre as ever, and EVERYONE contributed something! Our resident early morning risers from the previous night, treated us to a bit of a lie-in (until 7) on the final morning so we embarked on our final morning activities, refreshed and raring to go, despite some early morning rain. With Archery, Bushcraft and more High Ropes on the menu, the children took to their tasks with aplomb! Building dens in the woods and lighting fires was a hugely popular combination, but sadly, the clock ticked on and before we knew it we were hungrily enjoying our final fabulous Grafham meal and saying goodbye to our fantastic hosts. A completely memorable, life-affirming and uplifting experience for us all - children and adults alike!