Becoming a proficient reader


Your child is now a strong, confident reader. They select a book by personal preference and often read for pleasure. Books will have complex text features. Your child will understand that books are written in a much subtler way, meaning that as a reader, they will need to fully engage with a book in order to understand it.


  • Demonstrate a good level of competence in both decoding and comprehension
  • Regularly read long chapter books for pleasure
  • Read a variety of texts and genres, including a wide range of poetry, plays and textbooks.
  • Select their own reading books by using skills, such as reading the blurb and reading a small section of text.
  • Recommend books to their peers 
  • Read poems and plays aloud to show understanding through intonation, tone and volume 
  • Distinguish between statements of fact and opinion

How to support your child:

It is important that your child is fully engaged with the process of reading and conscious of the structure, language and vocabulary the writer is using and the impact that this has on the reader. Their understanding will be deepened through opportunities to discuss what they have read. You can help them by: 

  • Continuing to make a time available for regular quiet reading sessions, and reading your book while your child reads.  
  • After a reading session, asking your child to review the story so far. Children could relate the plot or something like: a really good descriptive passage; three words which are adventurous; two words they want to use in their next piece of writing; an example of something typical a character does or says; how one character’s reaction to another shows their relationship … These types of questions don’t mean you have to read the book yourself, but they help to alert your child to its possibilities. Don’t forget to discuss what they found!
  • Suggesting that your child invites friends to a ‘Book Group’. If they are all reading the same book, you could skim-read the book first and prepare some questions for the book group to discuss. Or perhaps the Book Group could be an opportunity for them to recommend and share new books with each other.