Blue Band


Once children can recognise 100 high frequency words, then it’s time for Blue. Books at this level will start to become more complex and children will rely less on illustrations. The books in this band also teach children how to read with insight and will encourage them to read with expression.


  • Choose books that they are interested in from the library 
  • Start to choose different books to read 
  • Talk about a story in their own words 
  • Don’t always need pictures to help them understand a story 
  • Notice and correct some of their mistakes 
  • Answer questions about the story to show a level of understanding 
  • Read words such as ‘some’, ‘little’, ‘when’, and ‘out’


How to support your child:

Your child is now developing into a more confident reader. As they read, you can help by encouraging them to: 

Sound out quickly under their breath or inside their head, if they need to sound out words.  -

  • Recognise and correct their own mistakes.
  • Look at the punctuation marks. You may want to model how to read a page of writing, paying attention to punctuation, such as full-stops and question marks
  • Tell you about what the characters in the story are doing and why they are acting in that way.