Gardening Club in Action

13th July 2021

We always have lots of work to do as the weeds can take a hold very quickly.

  • We have lovely new raised beds that Mr Howard kindly made for our club.
  • We have filled all three compost bins and water them regularly....shhh! we are making compost!
  • We are making leaf mould from school leaves collected by Mr Reay.
  • We used bark from one of our school trees to made a path around our raised beds.
  • We love digging, weeding and sowing seeds
  • We have planted seed potatoes, carrots, beetroot, sunflowers and radishes!
  • We are watching the raspberry canes, redcurrants, strawberries and rhubarb grow.
  • But best of all we love finding worms for our wormery and finding snails a new home (we don't we don't want to share our produce)! 
At the end of a lovely planting and growing term just look what has grown!
We also had a regular tasting table to check how our plants were progressing.