Gold Band



Gold books have a much more sophisticated style of language and will try to challenge the reader. Children at this reading level will now be able to understand unusual text layouts, complex language and notice the variation between different characters. 


  • Read silently and read aloud with confidence 
  • Know how to use a contents page, glossary and index
  • Use punctuation to help them to read clearly 
  • Read books that have longer chapters 
  • Learn new information from reading non-fiction books 
  • Find information about authors which will help them to select certain books 
  • Talk about the way a story has been written

How to support your child:

Your child is now reading longer books with fewer illustrations, so they continue to need your help to ensure they are getting the full meaning and enjoyment from the text. They may prefer to read one chapter or section at a time, rather than reading the whole book in one session. You can support them by: 

  • Listening to them to read some pages of the book aloud to you so that you can enjoy hearing them read with expression and pace. 
  • Asking them to find parts of the text which describe a character or place and talking about the words used in the description. 
  • Asking for regular updates about what is happening in the book, so that they and you know how the different chapters or sections link. 
  • Talking about how much they enjoy a book, or a type of book, and encouraging them to look for more books of the type they enjoy.