Green Band



Books banded Green will have more characters and different forms of text, such as nonfiction, rhymes, diagrams and verse. They introduce more compound words, some longer sentences and more punctuation.  


  • Talk about each of the characters  
  • Start to read fluently, and use full stops and commas 
  • Notice rhyming words, even if they are not familiar with them 
  • Read texts in unusual layouts, such as in speech bubbles and lists 
  • Use a contents page and glossary in non-fiction books 
  • Think about the overall plot of the book and talk about how they think it will end

How to support your child:

Your child is now developing into a more confident reader. As they read, you can help by encouraging them to: 

  • Sound out quickly under their breath or inside their head, if they need to sound out words.  
  • Look at the punctuation marks. You may want to model how to read a page of writing, paying attention to punctuation, such as full-stops and question marks. 
  • Tell you about what the characters in the story are doing and why they are acting in that way. 
  • Show you how they can find particular things that interest them in non-fiction books.