Hope Where You Are ... a story

6th July 2020

We are in awe of the extraordinary efforts our teacher colleagues are making all over the world to try and help their students during these school closures. But, as all teachers know, it takes a community to raise a child. The efforts made by the greater educational community have been outstanding. Education and school leadership, parents, siblings, family, social workers, global organizations, NGOs, and so many more have gone above and beyond to give hope to the children of the world. This book is dedicated to every single person who is trying to keep that light shining in our children.

Our dream is for as many children around the world to hear the story of Hope where are you? and for parents, carers and key adults to use it to support children during the time of COVID-19. The book is available as a free download from this website as well as being available on Apple Books, the Amazon Kindle Store and the Google Play Store.

The authors acknowledge that many children and families will not have access to the book for several reasons. However, as many individuals and families want to contribute to positive changes in our local and global communities during these challenging times, the authors would like to encourage a donation – from those who can afford it – to UNICEF COVID-19 Response which supports the world's most vulnerable children.