Kestrel Class Learning

Welcome to Kestrel Class!

Here you will find photos and videos of our fantastic learning and the children's thoughts shared throughout the year.

We hope you will see us aspire...enjoy... achieve.  

Knowledge Organisers (Spring Term)
Kestrel Class are Suffragettes!
After learning about the historical plight of women in the UK, Kestrel Class decided that it was time to upset the status quo and formed strike committees, making banners, slogans and even tying themselves to chairs in protest!
Kestrel Class are Masters of Mats!
As part of our new Gymnastics topic, Kestrel Class are completing a lot of mat work involving a variety of different rolls, holds and balances!
Kestrel Class Celebrate VE Day!
To celebrate the end of our World War 2 topic, Kestrel Class made their own ration-based sandwiches, tied them up with string in a brown paper bag and enjoyed an afternoon feast, quiz and music with Year 6.
Kestrel Class are Debaters!
Kestrel Class took part in 3 different formal debates based around our World War 2 topic. They discussed whether nuclear weapons, armies and war itself are ever justifiable. 
Kestrel Class are Dancers! 
Kestrel Class have been learning a scheme of interpretive dance based around the sea and being on the beach. They learnt how to use a range of movements in sync with each other.
Kestrel Class are War Strategists!
Kestrel Class used armies on a map to plot the downfall of Hitler and the Nazi Party, looking at the invasion on both Eastern and Western fronts.
Kestrel Class are Musicians!
Kestrel Class have been rehearsing 'Three Ships' on a range of different percussion instruments and have layered the melody, harmonies and beat expertly well.
Kestrel Class are Play Leaders!
Kestrel Class welcomed a special visitor in to school today to train them up in leading play for younger children as part of our student leadership programme. They learnt lots of activities and games to play and how to manage groups effectively.
Kestrel Class are Amateur Actors (from WW2!)
Kestrel Class enjoyed learning about how the UK managed to prevent starvation amidst food shortages as a result of U-Boat attacks on allied merchant ships. They created and performed in Harvest Festival Assembly, portraying rationing, the Women's Land Army and the Dig for Freedom campaigns.
Kestrel Class are Public Speakers!
During Black History Month, Kestrel Class studied the famous 'Dream' speech by Martin Luther King and looked at what makes an effective speech. We then wrote our own speeches on topics we are passionate about and performed them to the class.
Kestrel Class are Buddy Readers!
As part of our collaborative learning and pupil leadership programme, Kestrel Class are buddying up with their friends in Swift Class (Year 1) and sharing high quality texts with them.
Kestrel Class are Presenters!
As part of our 'Changing Role of Women' topic, Kestrel Class were tasked with researching about a famous woman from history, designing an interactive information poster and creating a Powerpoint Presentation to feedback their learning to the rest of the class!
Kestrel Class are Rappers!
As part of our unit of work on rap and hiphop in music, Kestrel Class learnt how to rhyme and keep to a beat. They also learnt and performed Will Smith's famous 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air!'
Kestrel Class Explore Materials!
As part of our new science topic on Materials, Kestrel Class employed a range of different techniques to classify and describe different types of solids, including testing for conductivity, solubility and magnetism!
Kestrel Class Welcome A Holocaust Survivor's Daughter
Along with Hawk Class, Kestrel Class had the privilege of listening to the daughter of a German Jew tell the story of how he survived and escaped from the Nazi concentration camps. We all agreed that racism and extremism have no place in our world and everyone is worthy of being treated with respect.
Kestrel Class Act an Alternative Ending to Carrie's War!
After a term of reading, discussing and writing about our class topic-based book, Carrie's War, Kestrel Class decided that the ending was too much of a cliff-hanger so wanted to recreate their own endings!
Kestrel Class are Product Testers!
Kestrel Class designed experiments to test different types of parachutes (materials/sizes/shapes) in order to establish which created the most air resistance.
Kestrel Class Visit Duxford!
To consolidate our learning on our World War 2 topic, Kestrel Class enjoyed an amazing and informative day looking at the weapons, planes and strategies used during the war.
Kestrel Class are Practical Mathematicians!
As part of our unit of work around measurements, Kestrel Class decided that the best way to consolidate learning around it was to measure things out for themselves. Length, capacity and mass came under scrutiny from our keen mathematicians.
Kestrel Class are the Solar System!
Kestrel Class are learning about our solar system and how the Sun, Earth and Moon interact with each other so we decided to physically demonstrate their spinning and orbiting.
Kestrel Class are Gymnasts!
As part of our Gymnastics scheme of work, Kestrel Class looked at 'Press and Go' movements and progressed towards designing and performing their own routine using a range of different movements and apparatus.
Kestrel Class are JTAs!
As part of our pupil leadership responsibilities, Kestrel Class are responsible for road and travel safety. As a result of this, 6 Junior Travel Ambassadors were chosen to represent Year 5 and the school. They are leading assemblies and promoting awareness of travel safety through school-wide competitions.