Kite Class in Action!

7th May 2021

Bikeability has been helping pupils from Meldreth Primary School to ride safer for over 5 years.

The scheme teaches children how to safely cycle on roads and is delivered by Cycling Instructors from Outspoken! Our aim is to inspire people with a love of cycling by giving them the confidence and skill to ride more often.

Today it was the turn of Kite Class who learnt bike handling skills on the playground (Level 1)

Well done to you all. Over the day the children grew in confidence and with more practise will be ready for the next journey in Year 6 and moving on to being safe on the road.

Today the children learnt the useful “ABCD Check ” to ensure a safe ride.

“A” = Air Check if there’s any damage to tire tread and sidewall; replace tire if they’re worn.

“B” = Brakes Have a look at your brakes, check the brakes and cables to make sure they aren’t worn down. See if you can reach the brake levers comfortably, then squeeze them for cable tightness.

“C” = Chain Always check that the chain is clean and lubricated. 
"D" = Direction check your handlebars are tight and Dangle that your clothes non't interfere with your cycling.