Kite Class Learning vlog


Here you will find photos and videos of our fantastic learning and children's thoughts shared throughout the year.

We hope you will see us aspire...enjoy... achieve.

Our Classroom 
Autumn Term
Halloween Science
Today, we made our pumpkin throw up with a chemical reaction and made ghosts fly using static electricity. 
Our New Kite Class Teacher 
In Kite Class, the children have been taking charge and teaching different subjects, such as Spanish and Geography, to share their amazing facts and skills. 
Library Time
Roman Numerals 
Today, we made Roman Numerals out of straws and Lego. 
Egg Experiment 
In Science, we are learning about the digestive system. In our egg experiment, we learnt about the damage different drinks can cause to teeth and the importance of brushing our teeth. 
Flight to India 
Today, we went on a plane to India. We can't wait to learn all about it. 
Maths Game 
In Maths, we are learning about Place Value. To make it fun, we played bean bag toss into the thousands, hundreds, tens and ones (units) trays. We then noted down the numbers we had made. 
Promise Drama 
In English, we have been reading a book called The Promise. After reading The Promise, we came up with come questions we wanted to ask the main character and did some hot seating to answer them.