Kite Class Learning vlog


Here you will find photos and videos of our fantastic learning and children's thoughts shared throughout the year.

We hope you will see us aspire...enjoy... achieve.

Our Classroom 
Summer Term
In this lesson, we learnt all about how tsumanis are formed. We then created our own tsunamis in trays. 
In this lesson, we were learning all about how earthquakes occur. We then created our own buildings to survive an Earthquake. We had to rate which level earthquake it would survive by shaking the trolley it was on. 
We have also been doing earthquake sirens in class. When the siren goes off, we have to get under the tables (protecting our heads) and stay there until we are told it is safe. 
This has given us a small insight into how people, in countries that suffer badly from earthquakes, may feel. 
Skipping Workshop
Spring Term 
During Science week, we learnt about nursing. We got to speak to two nurses about what they did and even got to learn how to put on bandages and casts. 
The Life Bus 2022 
Static Electricity
Today, in Science, we learnt all about static electricity.
To do this, we were given a pot with pepper and salt in. We had to find different ways of separating the salt and pepper.
We chose to try... 
1. Having soapy, wet fingers, to pick up the pepper. 
2. Use a ruler/dry fingers to separate them. 
3. Using a balloon to create static electricity to pick up the pepper. 
We voted that the static electricity was best and discussed why as a class. 
We then created tissue animals and ghosts and moved them using static electricty. 
Today, we wrote a speech about a friend, writing down all the smilarities and differences between us. 
Sandwich our speech
Today, we made sandwiches to learn direct speech. 
Bread = Inverted Commas
Butter = Capital letters and punctuation
Jam = Speech 
Who ate it? = Who said it? 
Narnia Interviews 
Today, we interviewed characters from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. 
Autumn Term
Elmo our class elf! 
Christmas lights 
Today, we briefly looked at circuits and how to use them safely and then made our own Christmas decorations.
Santa Dash 
Festive Freeze Frames
Today, we made some festive freeze frames and the class had to guess what we were.
Can you guess? 
Trip to the North Pole
Today, we left India and travelled on the Polar Express to the North Pole to start our new topic. We can’t wait to get into the Christmas spirit. 
Decoration Day 
Foods of India 
Today, we tried some foods from India. We really enjoyed trying new things, they were delicious! 
Himalayan Mountains 

The Tiger Child 
As part of our topic India, we read the story the Tiger Child. In the story, it explains how cats became pets and how tigers started eating raw meat. In drama, we then made our own performances about animals such as how whales began to swim and how sloths became lazy. 
Halloween Science
Today, we made our pumpkin throw up with a chemical reaction and made ghosts fly using static electricity. 
Our New Kite Class Teacher 
In Kite Class, the children have been taking charge and teaching different subjects, such as Spanish and Geography, to share their amazing facts and skills.