Manager's Blog - 11th February

This was our final week of the first half of Spring term and we had lots of fun this week exploring the concept of love! We used lots of red and pink resources to create collages and paintings and we had some lovely scented pink playdough to squish and squash. The children had the opportunity to explore colourful and glittery cloud dough in the tuff tray and later in the week we covered dinosaurs with the foam! We also had a messy start to the week with a tray full of oats that ended up all over us! We have played a matching game with heart shapes and even had heart shaped toast for snack!

When we return to preschool, we will be exploring different occupations as the children have shown great interest in dressing up as firefighters, doctors and builders. We will explore what these professions mean and how the people help us and others. On the Wednesday, we have Helen coming in to show the children how to do bandages, as she works in A&E. This then leads on to the following week when we learn all about different vehicles.


-Please be prompt in collecting children at the end of the day. If this is difficult due to collecting school children also, you are welcome to come earlier to make the school run a little easier.

-If you have used any of the preschool spare clothing can you please ensure it is returned as we are running a little low, especially trousers.

We hope you have lots if fun this half term and spend lots of time playing with friends and family. As we all know, play is children's work and it is the way they learn best. I have attached an information sheet about the different stages of play which shows how children move from one type to another as they develop.

I have also attached a letter which invites parents to book onto some free speech and language workshops to support children. As I am sure you are aware, the pandemic has had a big impact on children's communication and language development and with speech therapy sessions currently very full, this is a great opportunity to support your child if you feel they may need a little extra.