Manager's Blog - 24th June

The children have enjoyed a fun week at Preschool engaging in lots of superhero and fantasy play. This has been a real ongoing interest for a lot of children and they have thoroughly enjoyed making shields, masks, wands, cuffs, decorating capes, designing mermaids tails and so much more!

Next week we start our last learning focus for the term which is all about 'Holidays'. We will be talking about different ways to travel on holiday, making holiday pictures and discussing our own holiday experiences. We will also have a sensory beach tuff tray to explore outside.

As we approach the last few weeks, we are beginning to slow down the and make sure the children and ourselves enjoy as much time spent together as we can. We are also busy writing reports and planning events for the end of term and preparing some special bits for the children.

I will let you know next week about end of term events with dates and times.

Sadly, we have seen many children off poorly this week and we hope to see everyone back fit and healthy soon. If your child is showing signs of being unwell, do keep them at home until they are well and let us know if they will be off.

We hope to have another week of lovely weather next week and i hope you all enjoy your weekend.