Managers Blog 11th November

This week we continued our focus topic of 'Shapes and Colours' as the children did some great learning through shape hunts, learning shape songs, matching colours in the tuff tray, colourful caterpillars and creative collages. We started the week making yummy breadstick sparklers (breadsticks dipped in chocolate with sprinkles on top) and ended the week making some beautiful poppy pictures. 

Next week we will continue our topic and will also be doing some fun Pudsey craft and activities for Children in need. Some of our other activities include conker rolling, an erupting volcano and a find the spot game. 

As the Preschool is becoming busy in the mornings, we are going to trial a new entrance in the mornings. From this coming Monday, we invite you to come to Preschool through the large gates with the rest of the school. School gates open at 8.35am (although please do not arrive this early if you do not need to, to avoid congestion). You can then wait by the fence along the Preschool outdoor area and we will greet you at 8.45am at the garden gate. We encourage you to say your goodbyes at the gate and we will have the trolley and coat rack available to put their bits and pieces on.

The children will then have more space to enter the preschool and familiarise themselves for their school start in the future. Gates close at 8.50am so please try to be prompt. If you are running late, you can still arrive at the door and ring the doorbell. Please do allow us a bit of time to get to the door as this is a very busy time for us. Collection will be at the usual place.

The children now all have a peg in the hallway so that you can bring in a small back pack/wellies and they have their own special place. Please do label them so we know who they belong to and they can go on the trolley where we can then put them away.

Children in Need is taking place next Friday (18th) and to celebrate, the school councilors are holding a bake sale during break time. Please feel free to bring in up to six cupcakes for the bake sale on Friday. For those with children with allergies, it may be worth making/buying suitable ones so they have something to buy. You can bring in some money for your child in a named, sealed envelope and we will take them to the hall to buy a cake. Cakes are 30p each.

For those with children that will go to school September 2023, application is open now until 15th January. Click the link here for further information and to apply.

There is a wonderful opportunity to get to know the community and chat to others at the Warm Hub sessions in the community room on Elin way. For more information, please see the poster on the main preschool door. A link here will provide further information.

The children had their photographs this week on Monday and Tuesday. They should be ready soon so follow the link on the slip and you should be able to order directly. If you haven't received your slip yet, please ask next week at collection.

The Christmas Fayre is coming up soon and on this day the school hold a hamper raffle. Each class asks for donations in a certain colour to create a hamper to be won with raffle tickets. Preschools colour is WHITE. Please pass any white donations to the staff team. Tickets for the raffle are on sale now via MCAS.

Upcoming events:

  • 19th November: Children in Need
  • 24th November: Decoration Day and Christmas jumper day
  • 25th November: Christmas Fayre