Manager's Blog 12th May

Our second week of our new topic 'Let's get growing' has been enjoyed by all the children and this weeks focus was about how we grow up and change. The children have loved looking at baby pictures of themselves and identifying who is who. We have had chats about what different stages a human goes through as we get older and also talked about what we want to be when we grow up. The Ladybirds this week have enjoyed some group games to talk about different emotions and to match up the baby, toddler and child images. Butterflies have been practicing their cutting skills this week as well as recognising the initial sound in their name. Everyone has enjoyed making beautiful spring pictures at the art table, lots of role play being families and squishy scented playdough making spring flowers and animals.

Next week, we will be adding natural materials into the dough, such as petals and herbs. We will be continuing to look at growth and change as we check on our seedlings and plant up our veg trough. Next week is also mental health week and we will be relaxing our bodies and minds with some yoga practice, soothing music and mindfulness colouring activities.

On Tuesday next week, we look forward to having our first dance class with Little Wiggles. I am sure the children will love having another visitor to the setting and will have a great time moving to the music!

The Butterflies will now be bringing home a 'getting ready for school' pack, some may have already come home with them. This includes some activities to try out at home as well as some hints and tips for getting ready for their new adventure at school.

Important notices:

  • Labelling bottles: We request that you label all the children's water bottles as a matter of urgency. With many illnesses still circulating, it is vital that we know which bottle belongs to which child to avoid the spread of any bacteria. I will have a permanent marker on hand if you are unable to do this over the weekend.
  • Vomiting bug: it seems we have not yet escaped the sickness bug as more cases have been confirmed this week. We are very vigilant on our cleanliness and hygiene at Preschool and ask that if your child has any symptoms (loose stools, vomiting) that they remain away from preschool for 48hrs from the last bout. The NHS website shares clear guidance here.

Dates for the diary:

  • Tuesday 16th May: Little Wiggles dance session
  • Wednesday 24th May: Last day of Summer term 1
  • Thursday 25th May-2nd June: HALF TERM - Preschool closed
  • Monday 5th June: Start of Summer term 2