Manager's Blog 13th May

We have had  great week here at preschool as we started our now learning focus all about 'Growing'. we started the week by drawing around ourselves to see how much we'd grown as well as seeing who was tallest and smallest. The children have been making flowers and other garden objects with the dough and we have been making flower and flowerpot pictures at the art table. We began to talk about different fruits and vegetables as well as looking at some seeds and how they grow.

The Ladybirds have enjoyed their group times as they focused on communication and language activities such as nursery rhymes, story time as well as enjoying some dancing and music time.

The Dragonflies have been exploring number activities to five to recognise groups of objects and the numerals, as well as learning about different seeds that grow, practicing holding pens and scissors and talking about the dentist.

Next week we continue learning about things that grow and will be planting some seeds and making cress heads. We will also be watering our plants outside to help them grow and explore herbs in the playdough. Next week we also start to make special decorations and items to celebrate the Jubilee.


  • We have seen more toys from home coming into preschool recently. Please try to encourage your child to leave them at home or they can pop them into the home toys box on the trolley for safe keeping.
  • We are having some difficulties finding the children's jackets, fleeces and coats as they are often similar and are not labelled. PLEASE ENSURE ALL CLOTHING ITEMS ARE LABELLED to avoid items getting lost or misplaced. Thank you.

You should be able to see your child's next steps added onto Tapestry (this will be in an observation). Please feel free to add pictures and comments about your child's achievements at home so we are working together to support all children's development. The children love seeing their pictures from home too!