Manager's Blog 21st April

This week was our last full week and it’s been full of fun. We have been exploring the Rainforest and all the animals that live there. We have made vines and leaves to decorate the room and played a Rainforest animal hunt as well as learning all about the wonderful creatures that live in the worlds wonderful rainforests. We have enjoyed lots of messy play using our tuff tray to explore oats, shaving foam, paint, rice and shredded paper….that was a messy day indeed!

Our ladybird group have been looking at bugs and started some cutting practice as well as learning about different emotions using the colour monster book and characters. They have done lots more singing and story time and enjoyed fun games in the garden such as parachute and bean bags balancing. 

Our dragonfly group have been practicing their funky dance moves as we did some go noodle dancing and freeze games. We have also been practicing our rhymes playing silly soup and been doing lots of listening games. We also started to make a mind map with the children, thinking about what they would like to learn next half term.

Next week, our last day for half term will be Wednesday 26th May, and we plan to have a fun week being pirates! We will be making treasure maps, going on a treasure hunt and making a pirate picnic. We may even walk the plank! We invite the children to dress as a pirate any day next week to enjoy the fun.

A few reminders:

We have been seeing quite a few chocolate bars and sweets coming in with lunch boxes. Please support us in promoting a healthy lunch by keeping these sweet treats for home. If you have any concerns regarding this please get in touch.

Please also remember that we a strictly a nut free setting and spreads containing peanuts or any other nut is not allowed for lunch.