Manager's Blog 23rd April

Welcome back to Preschool! I hope you all had a lovely Easter holidays, the children have been excited to tell us about their chocolate egg collections! Our first week back has been about settling in and getting to know new friends. We have also been learning a bit about 'Spring animals' as we have been making a colourful spring time display. We have also been making different shapes with the play dough, exploring rice in the tuff tray, dressing up, doing egg hunts and lots more! The children have settled well into preschool routine and have shown great confidence on their return. Our new children have also been amazing in their visits as they get to know us and explore their new setting.

Next week, we are beginning a new learning focus all about 'Insects and Wildlife'. We will be creating some bug themed tuff trays to explore, bash bugs out of the ice, making different insects from paper plates and go on some bugs hunts. On Monday, we will be celebrating St. George's Day as we decorate dragons, make shields and flags, and explore a red and white sensory tray. 

Next week we will also be starting a new routine to add in more group time for the Ladybirds and Dragonflies, as well as a rest period for those that need a little down time after lunch. We are hoping to be able to take the Dragonflies to the nature garden a few times a week too. For our new families, the children that are off to school this year are named the Dragonflies and the 2 and 3 year olds are the Ladybirds. We plan different group times to be able to focus on their specific learning and development. 

Look out for your child's next steps which will soon be added to Tapestry. This is a way for us to share all the wonderful things your child is doing as well as working on their next stage of learning. 


  • Sun hats: Now that the warmer weather is here, please can you bring in a sun hat for your child that can stay at preschool and label it clearly with their name.
  • Sun cream: We provide sun cream here at Preschool and you can find out which one we use here. If you would like to provide an alternative, please bring one in that can remain at preschool. Although we do have sun cream here, we ask that you apply sun cream before your child arrives at Preschool and we can 'top up' during the day when needed.
  • Father's day: We plan to make something with the children for Father's day in June and ask that if you would like an alternative to please let us know in advance.