Manager's Blog 24th February

Here is our round up of the week and the children have had a really fun first week back after half term. Our new topic has begun which is 'Travel and Transport' and this week saw the children making painting patterns with cars, using collage to make transport pictures at the art table, exploring diggers in a sensory play tray and singing lots of nursery rhymes about travelling and transport. We also celebrated Shrove Tuesday and made some delicious traybake pancakes with chocolate and banana and vanilla and sprinkles, yum!

Next week we start our new 'in the moment' planning and have four focus children for the week. Parents of these children will see observations on the focus children's 'teaching moments' and some will see 'wow moments' for other children. Everyone will see the weekly activities observation highlighting what we have all enjoyed at Preschool.  New 'interests at home' sheets will be sent out next week for the children that will be the next focus children. It would be great if we could have these back before Friday to help us plan ahead. We will also be continuing to look at different modes of transport including trains, cars and aeroplanes.

Next week we will be celebrating St. David's Day as we make some beautiful daffodils and the Welsh flag.

Another event we have next week is celebrating World Book Day on Thursday. We invite you to come along to Preschool on Thursday afternoon to enjoy some stories with your child and then take a book home to keep from our Preschool library. Details are on the attached poster.

I have also attached our new snack menu as we are expanding the variety of foods we offer children at Preschool. This will start from Monday 27th Feb.


  • Collection times: Please ensure you are arriving on time for collection of children at the end of the day. We have very limited time to clean and prepare the room for the following day so prompt collection at 3.15pm supports us in making sure preschool is clean and ready for children the following day. We also ask that you do not arrive early for midday sessions as we have a very limited time for children to have lunch at lunch club and this can be disturbed if children are arriving early. 
  • Named items: Please make sure all clothing, bottles and lunchboxes are clearly labelled as we often have duplicate items and can cause confusion.

Dates to remember and events:

  • 1st March: St David's Day
  • 2nd March: Preschool storytelling and library event
  • 13th-17th March: Science week
  • 15th March: Labtots science experience in Preschool (details to follow)
  • 3rd-14th April: Easter holidays
  • 17th April: Start of Summer Term