Manager's Blog 25th March

Yet again another week has just flown by and the children have been very busy taking part in lots of fun activities that involved developing their skills and learning through play. The topic of “The great outdoors” has been continued and enjoyed by all.

The week has included lots of fun and educational activities, including the following:

  • decorating leaves for the garden leaf curtain that’s being created to hang in the preschool garden, 
  • planting broad bean and runner bean seeds,
  • lots of playdough creativity - the children  used the mini beast playdough mats that required them to use their fine motor skills and understanding of the world to make wings, spots and shells

I was very impressed with all of the children when they took part in the group time challenge of learning the life cycle of a frog and butterfly. Every child was able to proudly tell me the life cycle of a frog. We had some amazing crafts produced and the children enjoyed making a caterpillar , creating a chick out of shapes (getting ready for Easter),  colouring  bug and flower pictures , drawing bugs from observation in their work books,  making beautiful butterflies to hang in the pre school room and pencil control practice.

This all took place alongside lots of child led activities including , lots of role play (hairdressers and mummies and daddies), dancing, sand play, running races and obstacle courses, completing number caterpillar puzzles and lots more.

As you are aware next week is last week of spring term and Easter is fast approaching.  During the last week of spring term at preschool we will be encouraging the children to take part in lots of fun Easter activities! We have a very fun and festive week ahead!!


  • Collection times: Please ensure you are arriving on time for collection of children at the end of the day. We have very limited time to clean and prepare the room for the following day so prompt collection at 3.15pm supports us in making sure preschool is clean and ready for children the following day. We also ask that you do not arrive early for midday sessions as we have a very limited time for children to have lunch at lunch club and this can be disturbed if children are arriving early.
  • Named items: Please make sure all clothing, bottles and lunchboxes are clearly labelled as we often have duplicate items and can cause confusion.
  • Illness: please follow illness policies to enable us to keep both children and staff well.


Dates and events to remember :

  •  3rd-14th April: Easter holidays
  • 17th April: start of summer term
  • 18th April : Zoo lab experience day (more information coming soon)
  • 1St May : Bank holiday
  • 6th May: Coronation of Charles III
  • 8th May: school closed for kings coronation
  • 25th and 26th May: school closed for staff training
  • 29th -2nd June summer half term