Manager's Blog 5th May


We have had another lovely week at Preschool and the children have really loved enjoying their time in the garden enjoying the nice weather (we wont talk about today!) We completed our final week learning about lifecycles and also did lots of activities to celebrate the King's Coronation. We been busy making crowns all week as well as making bunting, colouring celebration mats, creating castles with blocks and making paper chains. Today, we celebrated the Coronation as we wore red, white and blue clothing and enjoyed making flags, decorating biscuits and red, white and blue rice exploration. We had some scrummy scones with jam and cream for snack and had a royal lunchtime with the national anthem playing in the background! The Ladybirds really enjoyed watching the Paddington Bear scene with the Queen and talked about what we are doing for the special weekend. The Butterflies have been learning about Van Gogh and painting their own sunflower masterpieces.

Next week, we start our new learning focus named 'Let's get growing!' We will be planting some potatoes and strawberry plants in the garden and will focus on activities that teach us about how we grow and develop as people. As part of this topic, we would like to ask for a baby photo of all the children so we can look at how they have grown over time. These can be brought in to be shared/photocopied, emailed or added to Tapestry.

We are very excited to be able to introduce the children to some dance classes this term. We will be welcoming Little Wiggles to Preschool on Tuesday 16th May and Thursday 22nd June. This will be a lovely opportunity to explore movement and music together and we cant wait to share the photos with you!

As we approach the end of our school year, The Butterflies are starting to engage in more activities to prepare them for their next step into big school. We are doing daily activities focussing on the 7 areas of learning and will now introduce an afternoon activity that will specifically focus on the communication and language skills, fine motor skills and social interactions. Click the link here to see more about the different areas of learning and our curriculum. We will also be sending home a 'getting ready for school' pack in the next week so you can support your child in their final months at Preschool. There will be more information to follow. 


  • Labelled bottles: It is very important that all children's bottles are labelled as we often have duplicates and we need to ensure we are giving the correct bottle to the children. If anyone needs support with this, please let me know.
  • Even though we are experiencing some rain, the sun is on it's way so we need to be cautious. Please can you provide a labelled sunhat that can stay at Preschool. (information to follow about sun cream)

Dates to remember:

  • Saturday 6th May: King Charles' Coronation
  • Monday 8th May: Bank holiday - Preschool closed
  • Tuesday 16th May: Little Wiggles visit
  • Wednesday 24th May: Last day of Summer 1 Term