Manager’s Blog 6th January

Welcome back after a lovely Festive break, we hope you all had a wonderful time with family and friends. The children have all been sharing what gifts they for from Father Christmas and what they got up to in their holidays. 

It has been lovely to welcome everyone back this week and the children have been to relaxed and confident coming back into the setting. We will also be welcoming lots of new families over the next couple of weeks so there will be lots of new faces for us to all get to know. We welcome everyone and hope they will enjoy being at our preschool. 

Next week we will be focussing our learning on 'Winter' and will be making some lovely wintery collages and pictures as well as having sparkly, blue play dough and other fun winter themed activities. We have now introduced the Super Six, which some of you may know from Puffin class in the school. These are 6 texts we are sharing with the children over the half term to get them familiar with different stories. This is great for language development as well as developing a love of books and reading! See the attached sheet for the books. 

Our routine will change from next week now that we are busier and we will be separating the groups to focus on their needs in a more manageable way. I will compile details of how this will look and email it to you all.

Reminders and notes:

  • The weather is very changeable at the moment and very wet and muddy. Please do make sure your child has appropriate clothing and nothing too precious as it is likely to get a little messy during the day.
  • Key groups remain the same this term with the addition of the new children coming to the setting. Look out for new next steps in the coming weeks. 
  • As mentioned in the final round up of last year, we will now be having focus children each week, splitting the key groups in half to really focus on the children's learning. You should expect one observation focused on your child every 2 weeks and a weekly observation of all the happenings at preschool.
  • School applications close on 15th Januaryso please make sure you have yours completed by then.