Our Carol Concert


17th December 2019

Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 classes joined together to tell the story of the Nativity and entertain us with a mixture of modern and traditional hymns and carols at our  Carol concert performed in our village church. This was truly, a wonderful way to get ready for the end of term. 

As always, our children were confident and we were incredibly proud of how everyone worked together to make our concert a success. The children sang and performed beautifully and every child made a fantastic effort to take part, whether they were part of a choir group, an actor, a soloist or a musician. Thanks to all the children and the whole team of staff working with them to ensure the performance was of such a high standard.

A huge thanks  to Mr Coton for his work with the lighting and staging in the church, we are very fortunate to have specialist music teachers Mrs Haines and Mr Hinton working with the children and helping them to develop their amazing gifts and talents.