Our Curriculum


Our Curriculum Drivers

Possibilities - Children cannot aspire to things they have never encountered. We will work to broaden our children’s horizons, expanding their knowledge of the world of the work by nurturing their interests as well as encouraging fearlessness of what is new or unknown.

Real Experiences - We believe that children learn by doing, so we take them on lots of educational visits, invite speakers into school, bring in artefacts and interesting objects, use our local and extended environment to spark learning.

Initiative - It is vital that we nurture the natural curiosity of our children, enabling them to become independent in thought and action and encouraging them to imagine, enquire and become increasingly enterprising.

Adventure - We are passionate about the physical development of our children. We believe competition and sportsmanship develop confidence. We want our children to know there is more to life than the virtual, digital world and will allow them to manage real risks by having fun and a little danger!

Community- Meldreth is a wonderful place to come to school and learn; we want children to be aware that they are a central part of a small community and have a role to play in that community. They are also part of a bigger national and international community. We have links with the local church, many people and groups in the village and also with the wider world.

What are we trying to achieve with our school’s curriculum?

We have designed a fully comprehensive curriculum framework which continues to ensure that:

  • our children's learning is both meaningful and benefits from a specific focus on the core requirements of the English and Mathematics curriculum. 
  • it is based on an analysis of how it can benefit the needs of our specific children and their community.
  • it is designed to ensure that children can become upwardly socially mobile.
  • it supports children in developing Global and the fundamental British Values.
  • children are given opportunities to actively engage on their learning through meaningful and applied contexts. 
  • children know they can be Expert Learners and that there are no limits on their ability. 
  • children are able develop a Growth Mindset to help support the effectiveness of their learning.  

What is the potential impact of our curriculum objectives on pupils?

We aim:

  1. To encourage each individual child to develop to their full potential socially, intellectually, physically, spiritually and emotionally, in a secure and happy environment.
  2. For all children, in all identified groups, to have high levels of understanding in a wide range of subjects across the curriculum.
  3. To deliver a broad, balanced curriculum where varied learning experiences enable children to become independent, confident and responsible learners.
  4. To have respect for religious and moral values, encouraging self-discipline and a caring responsible attitude towards others.
  5. To develop high quality literacy, numeracy and communication (oracy) skills.
  6. To acquire knowledge, skills and practical abilities relevant to adult life in a fast changing world.
  7. To introduce children to the world about them, through scientific enquiry, and to help them towards an understanding of the interdependence of people, both today and in the past.
  8. To help children become aware of the community around them and encourage ways in which they can begin to share in it.
We believe that educational visits are an integral part of the curriculum and learning experience for every child. Appropriately planned visits and visitors, as well as theme days, enhance and enrich our curriculum.
Last year our pupils visited Meldreth Christmas Tree festival, Duxford IWM, Hatfield House,  Meldreth streets, Cambridge Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Swaminarayan Mandi, London Science Museum, The Scott Polar Exhibition, West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village, the Fitzwilliam Museum, The University of Cambridge Botanical Garden, Wandlebury Country Park.
These opportunities, embedded within our curriculum, support learning and improve attainment for our pupils. They form a key part of what makes Meldreth Primary School a supportive, effective and exciting learning environment.

The content of the curriculum that the school follows in each academic year and for each subject can be downloaded from each curriculum subject area page.  For more evidence of our high quality learning please look at our class pages.  Parents and prospective parents are welcome to contact the Headteacher to discuss any aspect of the school's curriculum.