Our Healthy Lifestyle Ambassadors

At Meldreth Primary School our Health Lifestyle Ambassadors, with support from Miss Jackson, have launched the Daily Mile campaign.
The aim of The Daily Mile is simple – to help all children improve their physical, emotional, social and mental health and well-being by doing 15 minutes of physical activity outdoors each day.

The children walk, jog or run with their friends in the safety of the school playground. Everyone has fun taking part- it is not P.E. and it is not competitive- while building relationships, confidence and resilience.


Benefits can be summed up in Five F’s:

1   Fitness

2   Fresh Air

3   Friends

4   Fun

5   Focus


If your child is doing The Daily Mile at school you can support this at home, by both encouraging their confidence in running, and moving outside with them out of school hours. Parents say that The Daily Mile helps children to eat and sleep better, and that often they become young ambassadors for whole family fitness!

Benefits for children

 Raises attainment

  Improves focus & concentration

Improves behaviour in class

 Improves personal self-efficacy

 Is 100% inclusive (every child succeeds)

 Is simple & free

 Helps maintain healthy weight

 Supports healthy bone & muscle development

 Improves children’s resilience and cardio-metabolic health