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Our Handy Weekly Reminder




  Wear your PE Kit to school      

  Spelling Test 


20 mins reading after school





20 mins reading after school




  Wear your PE Kit to school        


20 mins reading after school





20 mins reading after school





20 mins reading after school 



See if you can persuade someone to read to you every night at bedtime, too. (It's like a magic trick that sets your imagination on fire!)



By the end of Year 4, you will need to know all your times tables up to 12x12. Remember to go over these daily to support your understanding. 

Useful Resources

Health and Attendance

Regular attendance at school is vital for your child’s education.

If your child is absent from school for any reason school needs to know. Please telephone the school by 9.15 a.m. on the first day of absence.

We need to know the reason (as schools are required to distinguish between authorised and unauthorised absence of pupils) and how long your child is likely to be off. Please ask your Doctor for advice regarding how long your child should be kept off school.

If medicine is prescribed, arrangements can only be made for the administration in school if the dosage is x4 daily. Parents are asked to complete a request form and all medicines must be handed to Mrs McCrossen or Mrs Lee, in the original packaging, clearly labelled with date, contents, pupil’s name and dosage.

Unavoidable absence and medical forms can be found here.