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Parent/Carer Feedback

This year we have had our best ever yet response to our survey, with 130 responses! We very much appreciate the time that you spent and value all your views and feedback. We are very pleased with the high level of confidence you feel in all aspects of the school.

Our survey is benchmarked against Ofsted Parent View between 3 January 2022 and 2 January 2023 for primary schools in England and exceeded the national picture.

Strengths: highest three results

My child does well at this school


My child can take part in additional clubs and activities at this school


My child is happy at this school



We value your comments and to respond your suggestions for further improvement please see the actions taken below. We have also shared with you a snippet of some the valued messages of thanks and appreciation we received as well.

My child is happy at this school. 95% of parents agree or strongly agree
Our aim would be for 100% of pupils to be happy, so we will be conducting pupil interviews so that we can gain a deeper understanding from our learners about how to make improvements.
My child feels safe at school. 95% of parents agree or strongly agree

Feedback from our recent LA Safeguarding Audit showed that ‘it was felt that there was nowhere that the children did not feel safe although a few children remembered, previously, that animals sometimes used to access the site and soil the grounds. They didn’t like this.’

‘The children didn’t have any ideas of ways to make the school safer, saying the fences were secure (and unclimbable) and that there were teachers outside wherever you go.’ ‘All of the pupils had someone to talk to if they felt worried or concerned.’

 We will continue to seek children’s views in discussions with them and respond to any concerns about feeling safe that they may have. If you have any concerns in this important area please come and speak to a senior member of staff.

This schools makes sure its pupils are well behaved. 88% of parents agree or strongly agree

We have worked even harder this year to further embed our Meldreth values throughout the culture of the school. The behaviour and social development of our pupils is a key factor in their access to, and interaction with the community, their continuing development and the quality of their lives. All staff are trained in promoting pro-social behaviour and managing difficult or dangerous behaviour, and to have an understanding of what the behaviour might be communicating.

Our learner behaviour is managed with sensitivity and professionalism consistent with Cambridgeshire Steps, which encourages a culture of, “improving young people’s engagement, motivation and well-being rather than more negative terms that can be associated with behaviour difficulties”

Our approach is underpinned by the therapeutic values and principles outlined by Cambridgeshire Steps (Therapeutic Thinking).

Positive experiences create positive feelings. Positive feelings create positive behaviour.

Negative experiences create negative feelings. Negative feelings create negative behaviour.

The school deals effectively with bullying. 86% of parents agree or strongly agree

If you do have any concerns regarding bullying, please come and speak to a member of senior staff as discussed in our Anti bullying policy. As a school, we take any form of bullying seriously and take immediate steps to address it. We will continue to train our pupils as peer mediators and work with our anti-bullying council to promote anti-bullying messages across our school community ensuring that pupils are involved in any restorative conversations.

My child has SEND, and the school gives them the support they need to succeed.  78% of parents agree or strongly agree  (9 responses) 

We do have a highly qualified SENDCo, Mrs Samways, who has dedicated time to work with all teachers to ensure the needs of children are being met.  This year, in response to your feedback, we have made some improvements to our School Website  pages which outlines our graduate response for pupils with additional needs. We will also view these results alongside our SEND families regular support meetings and further consult with our parents to get accurate data.

The school has high expectations for my child. 86% of parents agree or strongly agree

We have high expectations of all our children and want each and every child to do their best at all times. Hopefully by now after recent parent consultation meetings  you are all more confident in this. We will always contact and support parents if we are concerned that your child is not trying their best in class and teachers will employ a variety of strategies to support them if this is the case.

My child does well at this school. 98% of parents agree or strongly agree
We are pleased with the level of confidence you have with our support. Please speak to your child’s class teacher in the first instance if you are concerned that your child is not doing well– we want all children to thrive and do well across the whole curriculum. Ofsted agreed ‘Teachers have high expectations of what pupils can achieve.’
The school lets me know how my child is doing. 87% of parents agree or strongly agree

If you feel you would like more information on how your child is progressing, please do speak to your child’s class teacher who will be happy to give you more information. 

Here is a reminder of parent – teacher communication formal opportunities

  • There is an opportunity at the beginning of the year to meet your child’s new class teacher to share yearly expectations and strategies to support your child at home.
  • All children get weekly reading updates on BOOMReader
  • Our Early Years and Key Stage 1 parents also get weekly Tapestry updates and older children get weekly updates on Google classroom.
  • Parent Consultations are held twice a year, in the Autumn and Spring terms – giving parents an extended opportunity to liaise with their child’s class teacher to discuss progress, attainment, targets for improvement and any other matters, which may affect their child’s experience at school.
  • A full written report is sent home at the end of the school year.
  • We hold Parent workshops throughout the year to keep parents informed and updated about approaches to teaching and learning.
  • Finally, parents are very welcome to contact us to make an appointment with teachers at any time
The school supports my child’s wider personal development  - confidence and resilience and preparing them of the next part of their education. 89% of parents agree or strongly agree
We provide opportunities for all children to experience their local community and wider world; giving our older children residential opportunities to develop their confidence, resilience and independence. Our youngest children also get this opportunity in our trainer swimming pool. All children get an opportunity to perform to and for their school through concerts, performances, sports competitions and visits to the local community.
My child can take part in clubs and activities at this school. 98% of parents agree or strongly agree
We have been working with new providers to ensure there is a range of lunch and after school clubs available for our children. School staff also add to the variety of clubs on offer. We are also on the look out for new clubs at Meldreth but we are limited due to only having one hall to use after school.
I would recommend this school to another parent. 97% of parents agree 
Our Positive Feedback

"As our child has just started in the school we are extremely happy with everything about the school. The communication between staff and parents and the encouragement of the children to achieve their best is great."

"As a parent all you ever want is for your child to be happy at school and to meet or exceed their potential. The whole staff team ensures this is the case. My daughter loves going to school, issues are resolved in a timely fashion, people are always happy to help and no worry is too small. My daughter speaks fondly about her time at school each day and amazes myself and my husband daily with the things that she has learnt, not just relaying the days events but speaking with deep understanding about the topics she’s covered. We couldn’t recommend the school highly enough. We’re very grateful for our daughter's positive school experience."

"No complaints. Thank you to all the staff for their hard work."

"Looking forward to feedback at the next parents evening."

"We truly appreciate the wraparound care available."

"Excellent options breakfast club and Lookout!"

"We appreciated the teacher informing us of a change in our child's behaviour at school and monitoring the situation with lots of communication and feedback."

"Brilliant school and staff! I feel so comfortable and confident as a parent about this school!"

Even Better if...

"More feedback on how my child is doing for his age. More fun involvement for charity days - for example being able to dress up for world book day."

"We get good class feedback but not much individual feedback - I don't know how they do in their spelling test for example"

"Difficult to book extra-curricular clubs - first-come—first-served means not always possible or fair to get bookings."

"Lots of different forms of communication, which in many respects is positive, but can be hard to keep on top of. Consolidating to single platform to interact with parents would be very helpful, although I appreciate this may be challenging."

"Due to my child only being in Reception, I would like more updates on how well they are doing during school as they do not talk about it much at home."